How Do You Know Me Applications Is Generating Mobile Advertising Android?

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There is nothing more annoying than be sailing or playing into your phone and start warnings appear out of nowhere. Here you will find the way to know what you are generating advertising applications in the mobile Android .

How to Tell me what applications are generating mobile advertising Android

Google Play Store is a space that stores a lot of programs, of which we will never know what exactly can be considered malicious.

In the community there are many developers who create these applications to infect mobiles others with some sort of malware.

Although the ads are common in all programs to ensure their subsistence, not all warnings are good and here you will find out what they are.

Find out which advertising device applications are the latest versions of Android

All versions of the Android system and features ,
have changed a lot through your latest updates, among these, an option that allows us to see what applications you are generating advertising.

Within the community has been transformed into a positive aspect because there is no need for third-party applications to find the solution to this problem.

To do this, start by clicking the “ Settings ” in your phone and among all available options select the “ digital Welfare “.

Inside, appear pie chart that sets the full use of your mobile based on the applications installed.

Click on the toolbar “ Notifications ” to see the list of programs that shed ads even when not being used.

 delete mobile advertising

If you notice any application that performs more notifications than commonly receive with their use, you just press on it to remove it.

How can I know which applications are generating mobile advertising if I have the latest version of Android?

To meet the objective of detecting which programs are that infected your phone with pop-up ads, you need to download AppWatch for free through Google Play Store. Take a WiFi speed test to verify your connection and not interrupt the download.

General characteristics of the application

  • From the beginning of its use, initiates a monitoring applications that are active , even when in the background.
  • Responsible for record the duration takes each application while they are running.
  • Add a quick access to the record of activities in the notification bar. This can be configured if not desire it.
  • The most important feature is that detects which application that displays pop-up ads on the screen of your mobile.

Method of use application

Being a program characterized by supplying the necessary information to solve this problem, you must follow these steps to start the process.

Start by installing the application on the device from Google Play Store, so that is just completed the download process, pressure on “ Open “. Before all this, remember correctly log in to the Play Store on your Google account.

Just AppWatch starts, a switch that makes up the home screen, which you press to activate the monitor will be displayed.

android and robot

Please exit the application and start using your mobile device as you usually do it regularly, waiting for the time when advertising appears automatically.

When this happens, open AppWatch from the notification bar to access to the activity log with the last launched application.

regularly appear a totally different that really we were using, concluding what that handles display ads.

This way, only you have left to go to “ Settings ” into “ Applications ” and uninstall the one that is causing all the trouble while using mobile.

A the like to the beginning of the article, it is recommended that the installation of this application is maintained in order to obtain information on future applications that can be installed on your Android device.

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