How To Check My Free Balance Easily Telcel

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Today we’ll tell free check my balance easily Telcel with five different methods.

For two of them will need to have internet access, either from your mobile data network or from a WiFi (why you should learn how to set the APN Telcel in any cell). Then we’ll tell you what ways can check your balance at Telcel.

Regardless of which method you use, all of them are completely free and can consult as many times as necessary, unlike other companies do not have a monthly query limit.

Information that gives you the available balance includes:

  • credit or money in your line refills or packs to buy
  • Minutes to Call
  • Text messages SMS
  • Megas Internet

Let us now see that each of these methods to check your balance at Telcel is.

How to check my balance free from Telcel Telcel My few steps

One of the most convenient alternative is to download My Telcel app. is available for Android and iPhone devices, from official stores Play Store and Apple Store respectively.

Telcel store

The application is completely free , but need access to the Internet to download it to your phone. In order to check your balance must create a user, if you already have a profile created, enter your number Telcel to 10 (ten) digits and password.

To register, you must complete the required field, writing your ten-digit number and wait for SMS message with a password to login first. Once you’ve entered can modify it.

If you do not want to download any application, you can access My Telcel from the href=””> for this purpose, the same as in the application must enter your account information.

If you do not have an account yet, first create a user (the process is as easy as that allows you to create an email account email phone Movistar)

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Before accessing, if you do it from the web you select an option you want to do inside. In this case you select Check balance.

In this way, once you have entered your account data, you will see all related information to the balance of your account.

How to check my balance easily free

There are three methods completely free that you can use if you do not have internet access. And best of all, you can consult the instant and simple way. Let’s look at that address each of them.

The first alternative that we recommend if you’re short on time is that send an SMS text message to 333 with the word SALDO. Almost instantly you will receive a reply with all the details of your available balance.

One of the most recommended, because in this way you will have a message written with all the details of your balance and if you are a person forgetful like me, it is very likely that other methods Debas be consulting your balance much more often.

Another way is via a voice call. is also a method quite fast, but here must pay attention to the detail of the balance that offers the operator.

 line telcel

To do this enters the calling application from your device and dial * 321 and select option 3.

Finally we will use a code from the calling application for access the services menu Telcel (the process is the same as allowing check the balance on my phone Movistar ). Brand * 133 # & gt; to call. appears on the screen a menu with a number of options. In this case, as we want to know the balance will click on balance.

Then you might check the inbox of your SMS text messages. There, you will receive a message with all the details of your balance Telcel.

We hope that all these methods will have served useful for view and know the balance in Telcel easily. If you have any doubt leave it in the comments.

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