How To Block A Phone Number In The Cell | Block Calls

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You should not worry about receiving unwanted calls. You can block a phone number to stop receiving calls or messages. There are different ways to do it. If you want to know how to block a phone number in the phone Read this post.

The procedure will depend on the OS mobile device with that count. In some cases, doing so will be a little more complicated, but do not worry, we will explain in detail the step by step.

Block a Phone Number in Mobile | Call Barring

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How to block a phone number on a cell iPhone

If accounts with a mobile device having a Ios 7 or higher operating system , the procedure to block voice calls, messages and FaceTime someone in particular is as follows:

Start from the application menu and go to “Settings” find the “Phone & gt; Calls & gt; Barring and identification & gt; Block contact.

If you operating system of your iPhone is ios 11 or higher sequence will be “ General & gt;. Telephone

In both, the following will find a contact on your list to add it.

If the number you want to block is not on your contact list must do so from the app “Call”. To do so, search recent calls and the number you want to block press the “i” icon located on your right and then click the “Block this person”.

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How to block a phone number on a cell Android

To block a call on an Android device the process it is a little more complicated, but do not panic, we will explain you step by step how to do it.

Remember that Android devices given freedom to different manufacturers , which means that depend on mobile Android device in question, but broadly speaking, the procedure is quite similar.

Block a call or Android One Android Stock

For this type of operating system you have three alternatives to block a phone number.

One is open the “Phone” application. Press the menu you have in the top right corner of the screen, represented by three points. In the menu displayed select “ Settings ” and then “blocked numbers”. There you need to add the number you want blocked.

Another way is from the calls. Enter again to “Phone” and position yourself on the tab “Recent”. Browse in the call list, select a number, then click on “Lock/Refuel as spam.”

Finally, another option would be to do it from the “Messages” application. To do this he entered the app, search the message list that you hold to view the options. Tap on the Lock icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Block a number with SAMSUNG, LG or HTC

You can block a number from two ways . For both must start from the app “Phone”.

For the first option, press on the menu, top right of the screen to view options. Enter Settings & gt; Blocked Numbers and add manually or find the contact you want to block.

You can block calls from unknown numbers, ie those who do not have the list of your contacts. To do this from the menu “Phone” check “Block unknown calls.

To do it from the recent calls, go to the tab “Recent”, select a number from the list. Click on the menu and then click “Block unknown calls.”

Block a number with HUAWEI

While this device has an operating system Android, how do you change a little. With this, you have Two ways to do it.

If you want to block a contact Huawei , go to “Phone” and position yourself on the tab “Contacts”. Then find the person you want to include in your blacklist and press on “More”. This option is at the bottom of the screen. The following will be clicking “Add to blacklist”.

In addition, you can choose to do so directly from the Phone Manager application. To do so, entering this app. Then click on “Lock & gt; Settings & gt; Numbers from the blacklist & gt; Add “.

On the other hand, if want to know who’s calling from an unknown number , can do with revealing the identity of the unknown href=””> with TrueCaller .

As you can see there are different ways to do this, choose the one you prefer and tell us how you find it.

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