Why The Brightness Of My Cell Seesaw Itself Automatically?

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When we acquired a smartphone, I want to configure it to offer the desired settings. But it is possible that because of modernity exist parameters that are autoconfiguren to prevent users from having to do everything. Such is the case that we present below and you   explain Why the brightness of my cell seesaw will automatically?

Why Brillo my cell seesaw only automatically?

Many mobile devices can offer you this option when the href = “https://tdftips.com/reducir-bajar-brillo-pantalla-android/”> can be adjusted. And it does not mean that your phone shows defects that warrant a visit to a specialist. No, this is a new feature which comes to more intelligent mobile than it was before.

The Smartphone evolve in an impressive manner and time change has often dropped to less than a year. Although the new models and just try to make changes with the new update. But they are several functions we can do with it as pictures and hide video without software easily.

Why the brightness of my cell seesaw will automatically?

As I have mentioned is a new feature that adopts the new Smartphone to become more intelligent. And in this case we are talking about the new Android OS 9 ft. What we now shows the new intelligent adaptive brightness or simply leave speechless.

 cell brightness

We present two new options where you can adjust the brightness and customize the brightness level &NBSP. And what they do to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen without the users involved in the activation. As these devices contain a light sensor which interacts with the external light and provides the desired levels of brightness.

Of course, to provide the necessary brightness and not in any way alter the intensity of the glow in the eyes of the user, causing discomfort which can ultimately harm your eye health. For this reason, it is important to activate the obscurely . It is interesting to note that these changes occur automatically all the time, but are most noticeable in two different circumstances.

Mobile phones smarter and learning

If we enter a dark room the screen brightness is reduced as much as possible from the level of darkness. As already mentioned, thanks to the Light sensor that owns the device.

And in other circumstances where we see more   Automatic brightness activity is when we are outside with sunlight, increases the brightness to their maximum level.

It is said that these systems can learn the brightness level that each user needs and make adjustments until it is not necessary to do more and maybe this will help us at save our battery

It is a form of learning where you train your phone to suit your preferences. If this is artificial intelligence, which is just an appetizer of what awaits us in the near future.

But this is a mode or function implementing smart phone brand Samsung, which has an automatic brightness. And it teaches the changes made by the user until such changes are made by the device. And it has been implemented with openers versions of Android.

 up down brightness

In this way, you know why this strange behavior of your device has not been any damage that deserved to take extreme measures. And got a very easy, Why the brightness of my cell seesaw will automatically , which gives you understand the mobile phones today are learning too.

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