Mhl Connection: What Is And What Is It? How It Works, Advantages And Applications? -Definitive Guide

Thanks to the MHL technology can devices connect mobile or tablet to TV screens to view files in high definition with surround sound; This type of technology has changed the way people entertain themselves.

But if you do not know is this type of connection; This post will inform you about the connection MHL What is and what is it? How it works, advantages and applications? -Definitive Guide


What it is MHL connection and what is it?

Connection MHL or also known as link Mobile High-Definition (English mobile high-definition link) is a technology that allows you to connect portable devices from a micro-USB port TV or monitor using your HDMI standard input; This is made possible by a standard connector has an ideal interface for audio and video.

This technology was developed by Silicon Image and the company was launched on the market in 2010; From that year the MHL connection has been updated to ensure better service to its users. So that technology currently has 4 types of versions that are MHL 1.0, MHL 2.0, 3.0 and Super MHL MHL.

This technology used to transmit pictures, music and videos in high definition with surround sound ; from smartphone, digital cameras, tablets, portable players or the TV screen or monitor, without the need to compress the videos, images or audio.

How the MHL connection work?

All this is made possible by a converter ( MHL transmitter, receiver or bridge MHL MHL ) managed by some chips that perform signal exchange or audio between electronic devices. How to connect the devices to each other?

 MHL connection to connect mobile TV

  1. Connect the cable to the HDMI port on the TV and the microUSB port of the electronic device.
  2. From the TV press the button labeled Input or Source and select the MHL HDMI input.
  3. In the settings of the electronic device is tablet, or smartphone camera option activates the output video .
  4. From that moment can enjoy series, video games, music or videos from TV, either connect the your phone to your TV via HDMI -MHL or otherwise
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    There are televisions that have HDMI ports which are not compatible with the HML technology; however, this is not a problem, since you can purchase an MHL to HDMI adapter . This adapter allows you to connect the electronic device (tablet, digital camera, smartphone, portable media players) to the HDMI input on the TV. can also happen that your phone is not compatible with MHL connection, so it is vital that you try know if your mobile phone Cable is compatible with MHL and if you want to get a compatible mobile, you should know about the updated list of compatible phones with MHL .

    advantages of the MHL connection:

    1. This type of connection uses a 5-pin connector that facilitates compatibility between computers.
    2. MHL technology is ideal for images or videos in high definition, because technology can support HD, 4K and 8K without having to compress them.
    3. You enjoy surround audio without the need to compress them.
    4. You can watch movies or listen to music you want in your internet browser on TV.
    5. Supports HDMI input ports.
    6. With this connection type can play through a game console .
    7. The MHL version 3 is ideal for users who love video games is that this technology can reproduce lifelike images and clear. In addition this version allows you to view videos in Ultra HD (4K).
    8. MHL technology enables recharge the battery of the computer while the transmission is .
    9. This technology lets you enjoy the content you have on your portable device on TV without any delay.
    10.  TV connected to mobile via cable MHL

      Uses of MHL connection:

      1. If you connect your phone or tablet to an HDMI monitor You can also connect a wireless mouse and keyboard for use your device as a computer ; where you can use it to surf the Internet, view your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or perform any function you do with your device.
      2. All content can enjoy a portable device enjoy from your TV with amazing resolution and surround sound.
      3. With MHL technology can play your favorite video games in high resolution, increasing the experience of the game.
      4. Listen to your favorite songs with excellent sound quality.
      5. You can view the photos, videos and movies go cell in smart TV to share with family and friends.

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        If you still use the MHL connection, start from today to enjoy the advantages offered by this technology; which will provide you a unique and different experience when just beginning.

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