How To Create Comics Or Cartoons With My Camera Phone Free Android?

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The taste for comic never gets old, so it is now possible create comics with the camera on Android devices .

Creating Comics or cartoons with my camera Celular Android Free

See movies and anime series on Crunchyroll can be triggered for those who are fans of this type of content. So, have the opportunity to create their own comic is pretty cool.

But many users believe there to be a professional designer and have the right equipment, because for those who are external to this world, you can rely on other tools equally creative and free.

In this case, and Android smartphones, there are several applications for these creations from the camera device. In fact, today it is possible to turn photos into animes or cartoons on Android or iPhone even turn a photo into cartoon or anime free online.

Option 1: Comic Page Creator

This is one of the first applications to consider if you want to create comics with the camera, in fact, is quite versatile and free acquisition.

In this sense, it is very friendly when using it, but first you must have it in the device to work.

To do this, open the Google Play store and the name is written in the search included, in this way, we know that is indicated by the sample image.

spiderman hulk iron man comics

This has a yellow background with red dots, which has a white box with two characters dialogue inside, or by the developer “BahraniApps”.

The following is press the button “ Install ” and at the end, run. In this way, the user can start editing your own page for comics.

Option 2: Comic & amp; Meme Creator

As its name implies, this application is intended to create both comics, and cartoons and memes, so it is a significant aspect.

A the same as the previous option, is free to purchase and one of its most striking features in the large gallery of elements.

Among these, a varied amount of funds is positioned to choose from, plus characters or objects to add to comics with the camera and create a complete material.

In addition to this, sharing the results by different social networks , or send it directly via email to whomever you want . Now to start using it and create your own cartoons , you must download it from the Google Store or “Play”.

And the best way do, is looking for him for his exact name, so it will choose the “ Comic & amp; Meme Creator “launched by” Tilted Chair “.

The next thing is to give the green button indicated for “ Install ” in the device. Although if you search from Web Store is also feasible purchase.

Option 3: Pixton Comics Creator

This started as a website, but later was upgraded and released both a PC version as an application for mobile devices.

In this way, is available for Android, and includes a variety of tools that allow the creation of comics, as well as share them.

For example, you can choose the characters, background, style dialogue bubbles, among other things, and really does not take long to have it ready.

android anime background

So to be done with this app Free , will be directed towards the search bar in the Google Play, and type the corresponding name.

Consequently, the first result will be right, which can be verified by the developer who has “ Pixton Comic Inc ” and its icon on yellow background with a “ P “black in the center.

Whatever the option chosen to make comics with the camera of the Android team, the important thing is to test the creativity of each user.

In addition, testing between different implementations available nor is somewhat far-fetched, since each has its own peculiarities and features.

And although none of these is entirely professional, if they meet the goal of creating the best content to cartoon style .

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