How To Deflate Battery Mobile-Cell Battery Swollen Solution

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Your cell phone has stopped working and you noticed that the battery of the same is swollen. This may mean a problem connection , cargo or manufacturing the same magazine . It is a worrying situation because it involved in its operation.

What if true is that this is a fairly common problem that often affects many people worldwide. One of the first actions to be taken into account is the fact eliminate common problems such as problems with the charger or connection, which usually tend to be the key factor in your phone Android or iOs not load properly.

How to Deflate the Mobile Battery -Battery Cell Solution Swollen

The first steps with a swollen battery

Although this will seem a little common problem’re not the first person. It is common for many banks in the world, come to swell and indeed, it is an annoying problem, which also can significantly damage your device .

To begin, you must remove the battery immediately from your device, and avoid to damage your device or explode without warning. Also, you should avoid using your phone . Since it is a risk .

You should note that the battery can become unusable or that it is useful for a short time, but it is a risk that only you decide to run.

What it is the reason why a battery swells?

The first thing to know is that the composition of the batteries especially those that are lithium , have the tendency to swell and all this for a defect in manufacturing.

Also, one of the primary factors for your battery to swell is due to prolonged use, also, the fact expose your device to excessively long hours of load are factors that may damage the operation of the device and proper use.

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Also, we recommend checking your charger and the way this works, because this may be another risk factor for your battery reaches swell.

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Factors to consider

The first thing to do if you see your swollen battery device, do not touch it. Because at the touch it may be possible that it explodes without warning. Also, many people feel that an effective method but momentary, is the fact shut down their devices to let them rest.

But this is a temporary solution, because the battery could still fail and thus take up your phone. The problem we’ve been here developing not only applies to the mobile , but also to devices portable , so you need to be careful with Manea in use and charge our devices.

This is not a error that discriminates company or models, because this error can happen to any device, even if it has come recently to the market.

You must already be careful that when you observe that device is inflated, you must remove it immediately and posteriorly to this place in a safe place where not receive direct light, heat or there are pressures on it, they do < strong> exploit .

 swollen battery cell

It is important also to remind people that under no circumstances, should try to remove the battery from your phone, if it is internally. Since many users do not know that these batteries also have a tendency to swell. The batteries can present different problems, but usually these are noticed when your phone starts charging more slow and download faster .

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Remember that a swollen battery is work of a specialist , so you should handle it by yourself. Here are some facts that can give you about batteries when inflated.

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