How To Install Pixel Launcher On Any Android Device?

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At the present time, one of the operating systems favored by many users is Android . This operating system offers its users versions which each contain different features and great benefits which can get more from your mobile device.

In addition, these teams are generally more accessible, so easy and better than you can find on the market today. Also one of the options unlimited that owns this operating system is the ease   unlimited customization it offers.

This is possible thanks to various applications such as Launcher , which are responsible for changing the way looks and feels completely The main screen of your Android device

However, today we can find hundreds of launchers belonging exclusively to brands belonging to these Smartphone . These are installed for the sole reason that each user has a unique experience with these devices.

However, it is possible that some of these pitchers are unintuitive or their faults are not going well with what we all want for ourselves

For this reason, many users have decided to prefer the Launcher Google , which, given its simplicity, has many similar features to those you can feel safe with your phone.

In this article, we show you how to install Pixel Launcher on any Android device, so that you manage to keep the scope of your hands.

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Start locate the APK file

If you still do not know, .apk is the main function of the installation of possession of an application in a mobile Android. To complete this action, you just stored in your device and so you can run it.

This is a great way with which you can install different applications from different platforms, if at any time the store stops working.

For   Pixel Launcher , you can locate the APK or the application itself in game store or failing to find a link of interest within the network. Similarly, you may be able to download the file directly on your PC and even that is then transferred to your mobile device.

begins the installation of the launcher

Once you begin the installation, it is important that you activate the ” allow unknown sources”. This may just find in your mobile phone settings, why this should not be a problem.

The installation of the launcher in the Android 7.1 has no problems, because it has several built-in tutorials that can be familiar and move the process in a simple way.

When the system , you will see that it is two files, which can be   installed in the order you want.

 using pixel launcher

How to define the pixel launcher as the default?

Once you have installed the Pixel launcher automatically, everything changed, so the interface will be a little slow at first, but after a while it started to walk far.

However, one of the normal activities of the launcher when it is not the default is to make sudden changes regularly, which will make your experience in your phone is complicated and a little upset. However, it is inevitable that this happens unless you select it as the launcher.

To do this, the process is fairly simple. For example, a’ve never started opening pitcher, clean Application prompts you to choose this as the main Interface in this way will save you the trouble of change through default so constant.

This is an automatic action that is necessary to achieve the launch function, therefore, do not worry.

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