How To Know If My Phone Has Gyroscope For Video Vr 360

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You may have downloaded some video on your Smartphone but ask you as a requirement to have a gyroscope. Logically if you do not have one, not only you can not enjoy your video but you may experience some limitations. You should probably tell if you’ll want to activate or enable gyroscope on your Android smartphone device .

This is one of the sensors which feature phones, although there are other more current as the intelligent sensor temperature and humidity

Would you like to know if your mobile has gyroscope Android ? Then stay to read this article where we’ll show you how.

How to know if the gyroscope is included in your Android phone?

To find out if your smartphone has a gyroscope or not, should look at the features of Hardware your phone and the technical details that shows you, you know if you have this sensor or not.

But this is not the only way to know, you can also do it to see if your computer is included in the list of phones that have gyroscope or gyrometer.

Another way to tell is by analyzing and looking on your phone in settings or tools if you see an option that says it has a gyroscope or gyro sensor calibration.

What Apps can be used to detect the gyroscope of a Smartphone?

There are several applications you can download and install that will help you successfully analyze your computer and accounts that detect whether an active gyroscope mode and show you some of them.


This application will allow you i dentifying information on your mobile such as brand, storage, architecture, name, RAM, model, battery, temperature and so this important occasion, the sensors.


Gyroscope Test (VR Checker)

This will apply to check compatibility with virtual reality, where it will detect whether or not you activated your gyroscope doing some tests.


With this app you can detect by testings if you have mobile you with gyro and magnetic sensor, but not only that but also will show if   your mobile phone is compatible with virtual reality viewers like Google Cardboard.

Sensor Box

This application allows you to analyze sensors proximity, temperature, accelerometer, sound, magnetic and pressure from your mobile device and thus will show on screen the results of the analysis.

Sensors Test

This fifth application will allow you as the name implies, make internal tests to confirm the hardware you have.

Sensors multitool

So you can have a diagnostic hardware accurate then this is the perfect application that will allow you to do analysis and the same time detect valuable information that will give you access to do tests to see if all this working properly.

Phone Tester -Information Hardware

If you need to check the hardware that holds your phone, this app you can make a collection which shows you an organized way and specific sensors, connections, GPS, camera, phone information, battery and information about the relevant system.


This App has several tools for diagnostics make your Smartphone, you can detect and make yourself known information from sensors such as pressure, humidity, temperature and need at this moment gyroscope and many more.

Z-Device Test

With this app you can run test run to see if your computer sensors are working as they should be or if they have some kind of error or failure. But not only that but you can also compare results from over 600 different models.

Phone Doctor Plus

This App analyzes, identifies and detects all problems you may have your device either in memory, storage, faulty sensors or any other failure and red as a warning signal.

Another thing you can do is know or know your cell hardware and the Android so it will be easier

What if your smartphone does not have a gyroscope sensor?

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While there may arise this possibility is not the end of the world since when began to popularize the game Pokemon Go, asking for a requirement to have a gyroscope, the opportunity was made possible < strong> emulate a virtual gyroscope on Android without root.

However this may be running some risks. This gyroscope can mimic and manipulate the missing sensor on your phone and a process is a bit complex, and in some cases cause discomfort and surely will interest block automatic screen rotation Android applications

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