How To Tell If My Android Device Is Compatible With Usb Otg -Step By Step

 Cable OTG

Android is a platform that has evolved with the passage of time, adapting to the needs of its users. To this day we can determine that the phones are almost miniature computers , which is why you have to read how to tell if my Android device supports USB OTG -. Step by Step

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How to know if my Mobile Android is compatible with USB OTG -step by step

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Today we’ll show how to use the powerful USB OTG function , which enables you to connect different devices to your mobile Android. This is especially useful if you work with your device or use it to see different multimedia content.

 Compatibility OTG

What is USB OTG?

Maybe you’ve come across the USB OTG term , although possibly not know that it is. Do not worry, here we’ll show you everything you need to know about this feature on our Android devices that can be very useful.

In summary accounts can say that USB OTG is a protocol that allows different USB devices connected to our phones. In the vast majority of cases it is necessary to have an adapter, also called USB OTG.

With this adapter you can connect different devices to our phones, expanding the functions thereof. In relation to the adapter, usually fairly inexpensive, usually its price is less than 5 euros.

Do you still have doubts about this technology? then you must learn what it is the OTG cable to Android and what uses are all , so you know all the capabilities offered by this great feature on your phone.

How to know if my mobile Android supports USB OTG

USB OTG function is present in most mobile devices today. In any case there are a few that are not compatible with the functionality, which is why you should use the tool that today we present, with which you’ll know if your Android phone is compatible with USB OTG.

  1. To make this process we will use the tool USB OTG Checker , you can easily find in the app store Play Store.
  2. Searches for the application and click on the Install button wait until the process is complete.
  3. Now you just need to run the application.
  4. At the start the application displays an on-screen symbol in green in the event that the device supports turn if it is not, the program will also indicate this.

     Compatible USB OTG

    Advantages and possibilities of USB OTG

    Undoubtedly one of the most important points of the USB OTG technology are the multiple options offered to users. It is very useful in the right hands, so if you’re a curious person or you use your mobile device for many functions, could tell you the convenient.

    Connect keyboards and mice

    Undoubtedly one of the most interesting aspects is that USB OTG allows connection of peripherals, such as the Keyboards and mice . This means you can connect a keyboard on most devices with this feature.

    The connecting a mouse to a tablet Android as well as a keyboard makes you can make work much more comfortably, such as write papers or longer texts , this will not allow the USB connection.

    Connect drives and USB hard drives.

    Another useful feature that allows the USB OTG connection, the devices connect external storage, such as the pendrive or hard drives. Using an adapter, You can connect these means.

    connect a USB memory cell can transfer files , which is useful in if you want to see movies, photos and other content on your mobile device.

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