How To Know If My Phone Is Tapped Or Chip | Whether I Watch Or Spy On

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In this technological age, privacy is a challenge. Today we will explain How can you know if your phone is tapped or chip and how people track your calls to make. However, you can also choose to turn on safe mode on Android , this will help to have more security to your personal data.

How to know if my phone is tapped or Chip | Whether watching me or spy

You can find out if you are spying by some codes. To do this you do not need to install any application, you only need the app phone calls that is included in all mobile devices. Read on and know how.

codes to find out if you are spying

Today with technological advances may try to spy on your cell, so we encourage you to prevent your cell record your conversations only through the Android. To find out if you are spying or monitoring, enter the following codes on your mobile device:

  • * 73 and press call. Will present the option to deactivate call forwarding.
  • * # 21 # and press the call button. This code can find out if you have call forwarding enabled or text messages or other data enabled. Typically all you appear as deviant no. If, however, you listed a number, it means that someone is spying on you. For example, if the voice option is diversion, it could be that if someone calls you and you do not answer the voice message will go to voicemail from another phone, and text messages will not come to you but to another number.
  • * # 62 # and press the call key. It will appear a number that can mean two things: 1) the number of the voice box or two telephone provider) you are spying. To find out for sure, you call that number and confirm your suspicions.
  • * # 06 # . This code serves to know your IMEI number, this is unique and assigned to each team. If you lose, and someone else has access to it, you can clone your mobile device and use information irresponsibly.

Code to eliminate anyone interfering your phone or chip

How can you do to remove a wiretap? Too easy. You must write the following code: ## 002 # and call . Will eliminate the number that has been diverting your calls, ie to take away from spyware access to your calls and text messages.

 spy on my cell

Then you explain how it is possible via a phone call You crawl .

four codes are required:

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  1. MCC: country code or region
  2. .

  3. LAC: universal location area code
  4. .

  5. MINC: code your phone provider
  6. .

  7. CELLID: unique code for each cell
  8. .

    Of these four codes, which are used to track, the first three can be obtained by anyone. Spies enter the page, enter your codes mentioned and ready. And they have access to all the information they need. How could access these codes, most of the time is when you lend your phone to strangers. To prevent this from happening, you can put href=””> all applications on your phone so that, which is spying fails to access your personal data.

    If you’re spying on someone who does not even know, maybe you are using an app from the Play Store: G-NETtrack Lite . This app was created with the purpose to help if miss, but could be used in this otherwise well.

    You should know that through the apps you download on your phone, you may be spied upon or crawl. To avoid this, follow these tips. Suppose you have an iPhone. Go to Settings/Privacy and check the options applications you have downloaded. Is recommended, not give your location data any app unnecessarily. Takes into account the following:

    intervening cell

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    It is important not to give your personal telephone data, it is best to do it personally. Do not talk about anything serious, or compromising, by cell and finally, do not pay your mobile device to anyone unless you trust. These preventive methods are the safest in the world and are at your fingertips. Do not expose your privacy.

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