How Quickly Move Files From Mobile To Pc And Vice Versa Using Wireless Xender

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Today we can say that technology has different forms in which it manifests itself. The world in which we evolved, it has become a multi-platform which, in a few seconds, we can move from our phone to the computer, including the PC to the tablet and all in a matter of minutes or seconds.

How flit files Mobile to PC and vice versa using Without Cables Xender

No matter what the operating system we handle each device , thanks to the internet we have all our tools connected together. For that reason, for many people a vital tool which can transfer directly and without complications different files between your devices is necessary.

According to it, you need to know the different tools with which you can send and pass different files from your phone to the PC without cables.

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How to transfer files to a computer with WiFi?

This is one of the first solutions you can find on the net, since it is simple and does not involve any problems when making transfers. The whole process is based on the possibility of spending your files by connecting wireless in your home.

All you need to do is connect the devices you will make the transfer to the same Wireless Network . Once these are connected from access the Play Store and proceed to install the application on your mobile WiFi file transfer and once this is installed correctly, press the start button.

There a direction which will have to copy into your browser Internet appear your PC. Once open, you will see that a web page from which you can start download will open everything you want from your Smartphone.

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How to send files from your smartphone to your computer with Xender

This time the only requirement is that your computer and your Smartphone, are connected together to the same network Wi-Fi . If you already have the application installed correctly, just subtract that touches on the “More” button you see on the app on your Smartphone and you can access the side panel of the app.

where you must press the option “ Connect the PC ” where you will see a screen which you throw an access code and an IP address. To start transferring files, you just have to type in the address bar of your browser IP address.

Then you enter the access code you will see in the mobile app on your Smartphone and after that, you must click “Submit”. This way, your browser will become a independiendo window, where you can scan all files you want to transfer and which can files on your phone without using any cables.

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How to connect with iPhone or iPad

If you want to exchange files with any Apple device, the Connection , should not be done from the app, but will apply a different method very simple.

Begin calling on your devices implementing Xender. Once installed, just subtract that pressures on the button “ Connect to Mobile ” and after that, on the “ Connect iOS “.

There you will see a large sum of instructions with which you can connect and turn function to create a Wi-Fi activated itself. You can see that, you provide a name for a network that can access the network from your iPhone or iPad.

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It should to access the “ Settings ” application and clicking the Wi-Fi section, you can locate the network created Xender. Just enough to touch in order to connect. Salt “Settings” and proceeds to start implementing Xender, then press the button “ Connect Friends ” and then everything will be ready to establish the link between the two devices.

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