How To Play Music And Songs On My Phone Android And Ios With The Best Free App?

download music on your mobile

Currently mobile devices are not only used to communicate and thanks to technology and the advancement of mobile applications can have a wide variety of activities we can do with it. For example; take pictures , watch videos , surf the Internet , play and listen to music , among others.

In most devices are not pre-installed applications for playing music, just tell at times with an application that we can use our device as a portable radio.

When we enter the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) can find many applications, including you music players, but it is difficult to decide Which is the best. This article will help you to know the best free apps to play music and songs on your phone Android and iOS.

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One of the more applications that currently has a free and a premium versiona known. In the free version can access to the vast music library that offers this application, but not paying for the service demos advertising absorb a few seconds.

Premium version of Spotify in addition to remove ads will allow us to download music to be heard when you do not have internet access and access to customized playlists. It currently has support Android and iOS .


A similar application to Spotify , especially in its interface and appearance, with the option of being free or Premium. Premium version gives access to a personalized list of recommendations that the application obtained by algorithms of our musical tastes. Although the free version is not bad.

A the like Spotify allows us to download songs and listen without internet connection. This application has support Android and iOS.

Network and YouTube YouTube Music

YouTube already has a free application that allows us to watch videos on any device, but what happens to the music from the application and blocked our screen the song stops playing, even with many advantages in this free version.

That is why YouTube has created a premium version where service provides access to paying us removing ads in the videos and the possibility of working in the background with our device. The arrival of YouTube Music benefit us in a similar application to Spotify with content exclusively music and makes it ideal for daily use. Has support on Android and iOS.

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A free platform that offers us several years a gallery where you can find not only music, but also podcasts, radio programs, news, audiobooks and make music mixes like a DJ easily . We can find in his gallery new artists and amateurs who use SoundCloud to upload your content before larger servers that require higher requirements for sharing such material. has support on Android and iOS.


An alternative new free market that is intended simply to promote the production of new artists and support them economically and morally since you can access content for free and with the option of downloading paying different amounts are established by the authors of each sound work. Has support Android and iOS .


A free application of Chinese origin that is highly similar to Spotify, currently has millions of songs in your library and is offered as a free alternative without advertising that allows us to download songs in format MP3 without DRM , from an album or playlist, create custom playlists and even display lyrics of the songs on the player.

The application is currently only possible to download it in Chinese language and has a regional block, so some countries should use a private VPN to access it.

We hope you enjoy these applications either in its free version (which all have it) or in versions payment.

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