Putting A Pattern Of Invisible Blockade On A Mobile | Hide Unlock Pattern

 create invisible pattern

Always has been said that one of the most important aspects that users value most is the safety of your mobile. And not only when surfing the net, but also that can offer our own mobile equipment. Since we always worry if our password gives us the security we want.

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How to Market a Pattern Lock Invisible in Mobile | Hide Unlock Pattern

Currently exist other ways to prevent someone from our team without permission. That’s why we bring you the following article to teach you how to put a pattern of invisible blockade on a mobile | Hide unlock pattern.

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release patterns are those that provide a very efficient security level and thanks to its parent three by three points allow to create one figure. This figure is called pattern and is virtually indecipherable. But what you say now this lock pattern can be made invisible.

set pattern lock

Yes, and you hear this security pattern can put invisible but remember that can only run on smartphones. And in the next tutorial we will explain how to apply this option very easily. So join us and knows what steps must do to implement this trick.

How to Market an invisible pattern lock on a mobile

By activating this option’ll add one more factor security access your phone and allow you to be more relaxed when you leave the view of others. It is extremely important to get to the shelter from prying eyes, trying to enter our phones and private archives to note that we have.

The tutorial we will present them so you can post a pattern of invisible blockade on a mobile we are doing with computers running Android operating systems . So it is very likely to apply it on other computers running different operating systems, the sequence of steps is not the same.

We also want to remind you that this method is very useful to prevent anyone see you entering the security pattern, memorize and then use to enter your mobile. So this is a wonderful option for prevent the display pattern visible. But remember not forget the password and do not have to have a hard time.

The first thing we will do is enter your mobile phone in the configuration options. This you’ll find it in the upper right of the icon tuerquita to doing this you get a screen will appear with many options. You must lead the end of it so you can find the security option.

Concealing the pattern unlock my mobile

select this option by pressing on it and then more options will appear, but you must put your attention on the first lock screen option. To the side of this option is an icon in the form of tuerquita. And you must put pressure on her to show you new options.

Here you will see other options and the first one is Make visible pattern to the side of this option’ll find a slider, which should be green. This is because this option must be enabled. What then must do is disable this option. So that our employer will not be visible.

To disable only must clicking the button and slide left , the button will change color and go from green to gray. You can now leave the settings and verify that your employer and can not be seen. If you want to return to the previous settings, you activate this option and the pattern will become visible again.

mobile invisible pattern

And in this very simple way, you can give your security mechanisms another parameter that does not allow access to your phone from people who just want to see your personal files. And so you could easily learn how to put a pattern of invisible blockade on a mobile hide unlock pattern.

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