How To Recover Files From A Mobile Phone That Does Not Turn

 concerned mobile does not turn

The evolution of technology has enabled the electronic devices increasingly better, especially so-called smart phones or Smartphone. But if I can not turn on and want to see my files, no issues we have prepared this article will show you How to recover files from a mobile phone that will not start.

How to recover files from a mobile phone that does not turn

This happens because unfortunately, mobile phones are very delicate and even invest in improvements to its durability, rigidity and scratch resistance. This every day are more like a glass, if they are compared to those models of yesteryear, that even though they went to the floor, their resistance had no discussion.

This without referring to the batteries that now occur more often that swell like a balloon. This has already played in another article and gave you a solution for Deflate the battery of a mobile . But if your team for reasons that are not on here will tell you that you must do to recover files from a mobile phone that will not start.

 undelete files

How to recover files from a mobile phone that does not turn

Perform Data Recovery a mobile, perhaps you may seem like a difficult task to perform, but let us tell you that nothing is further from reality. In the following article we will show you, giving yourself simple steps you must follow, but you can find what the best App to recover deleted files.

So to do this, we will assert an interesting program, so you can simple download to your PC. This is called Recuva and you can get completely free of charge by Google. But if you want to have a shortcut to this page via the following link you can do it comfortably.

Once you have application installed on your PC, if you do not know how here you leave a Link , then the opening must then be connected via a USB cable mobile phone your PC. When you open the application, the wizard that will guide you in recovering files are displayed. In the first option to clip you next, then the question as to sort the files you are trying to recover.

You must select among the options, if music files, images, etc. . in our case we select the All option files. Now we must answer the question, File Locations. And here we must respond with any of the following card memory options, paper recycling, in my documents, etc.

Using the App to recover files from a mobile phone

If you do not know the exact location on the location of the files can choose the No option’m sure. This will allow performing a global search and then we clip the next option. If we wish also can select the Deep Scan to doing this the runtime of the program will be longer.

To finish this point and begin searching for files, we clip the OK option. This action will begin scanning your mobile device, which can take several minutes. When finished, it will show a list of all the files you have and to make it easier for us, we will go to the right.

And we will select the option Advanced Mode , then we go the party left and select the option All local disks. And we will choose our mobile, and then in the search can place the type of file you are looking for. Asiera to filter and search is made easier.

And now we clip to finish Scan and the right side will show all files that match the search parameter. Now we need to retrieve check the box on the left side of each file. We can mark all we want and then we clip in the Recover option.

 mobile does not turn

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This will allow us to choose a place to save the recovered files on our PC and so can easily recover files from a mobile phone that does not turn . Just follow the steps that we show in this interesting tutorial.

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