How To Reduce The Consumption Data Tethering From The Mobile To The Computer

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If you have the habit of making Tethering from the mobile to the computer, you will realize that it can consume you very fast data. Through this article, we will explain how you can reduce data consumption when you do Tethering on your phone.

How to Reduce data consumption on tethering from the mobile to the computer

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Tethering is a technology found in mobile phones, it is an anchoring system network. It allows you to use the mobile terminal to provide Internet connection to other devices, including the computer.

is set and acts as a modem or wireless router and can be used by in three ways. May be using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth or wired like USB.Hacer Tethering can give us the surprise that we have used or consumed all our mobile data. Will explain why something you can do and not have this unpleasant surprise.

Reduce data consumption on tethering with Windows

wifi network configuration

When your computer you have the Windows operating system can configure the network connection as metered usage. This means that Internet connection will be associated with a data limit .

The mobile data connections are established by default as Metered. But network connections Wi-Fi and Ethernet are not configured so predetermined so we set them.

When configuring the network as measured use, some applications may function differently to reduce the consumption data. In addition, Windows Update updates are not automatically installed.
To set up on your computer that has Windows operating system follow the following steps:

  1. To begin’ll select «Start».
  2. After Home will select where «Settings» he says.
  3. In «Settings», select the option « Network and Internet «.
  4. In the section select Network and Internet «Wi-Fi», we see that on the right side will see the list of Wi-Fi networks.
  5. When we are connected to the network we want to set up, with the left mouse button will give our click where it says «Advanced Options».
  6. In the configuration of Wi-Fi activate « Set as measured connection use ‘.
  7. With these simple steps can bring configure the network to be measured connection use. This way you can reduce data consumption on mobile tethering.

    Reduce consumption data tethering with the MacOS

    app store update

    If your computer runs Apple’s operating system, you can also reduce the consumption of mobile data when you do Tethering. This operating system does not have the option of connecting metered usage, so we’ll have to do it differently.

    For MacOS operating systems, we will disable the option to background download updates . In this way we will be reducing our consumption of mobile data, this process is done from the App Store.

    The process must make is very simple you just have perform the following steps :

    1. You have to click on the block that is on the top left of the desktop.
    2. Then you select the System Preference. The options presented are here equivalent to the Windows Control Panel settings or Linux.
    3. icon’ll place App Store and will select.
    4. panel appears App Store keeps the OS X system and applications from the App Store updated.
    5. In this panel uncheck the option Download new updates in the background.
    6. This option apply for all networks Wi-Fi and Ethernet use your MacOS. It is recommended that when you’re finished with your mobile tethering, the modify again.

      Briefly know how you have done reduce the consumption data tethering with your mobile to your computer. Keep visiting our website for you to learn other tricks that can be beneficial when using the computer.

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