How Long Do Capture Screen Pc Or Mobile Phone Easily

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The communication could go a long way through the technology today, which can be seen in how we maintain communication with others on our computers or mobile phones.

In our computers, we have many instant messages that allow us to also make video calls without taking too much of our material resources, as are divisive, Skype and Teamspeak same.

This also happens with our phones because most computer programs must be able to communicate, often applications for the mobile version, although we can also find unique programs for each platform – form

Through the programs we have at hand, we can easily approach people who are far from us physically. We can talk and see our family in another country, we can send a quick message via WhatsApp on our site our parents and send photos and videos of what’s happening around.

In addition, all sorts of communication that we have today and use regularly, is entirely based on what we can show others our world without our voice and face.

Social networks have done a lot in this aspect, looking for new and creative ways that you can shape your outer world and what others think.

In fact, we have reached the point where you can share what you see on the screen without much effort, to make a live recording of your screen, then download or simply catches of screen.

However, the screenshots there are many different types of capture, and so today we will learn to do the kind that everybody knows how, taken along, so stay with us and to learn today how your mobile or PC .

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How screenshot on your phone?

The best way to show others what you see is a screen or a screenshot recording. However, the screen recording is something that is still not available on all devices, which leaves us with screenshots that the best way to do the above.

Now, as we have said earlier, there are several ways to make a screenshot on a PC and on your device mobile , but for now let’s talk about your mobile device and capture the big screen.

would not know a long screenshot is that through which we can show beyond the projection screen. We can show a lot of our Twitter , or even entire conversations WhatsApp in a single capture, so they’re a good idea to use them in certain situations.

Unfortunately, there is no “natural” way to long screenshots on our devices, but we need to get hold of an application: LongScreenshot

Once you have downloaded the Longscreenshot Store app, an application is fairly simple to use. We just open the app and click “ Read ” and move our screen where we want to take, and select the same back button to stop the capture, and then see our capture in our gallery.

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How screenshot on your PC?

To make a screenshot on your PC, you need to perform more or less the same method as above – because although there are many different ways to take a screenshot of screen will default tools on the PC to do.

In fact, you need an extension on your browser, one of the best choices AwesomeScreenshot. To use simply done by clicking on your browser and select the “ capture whole page ” and we will have before us a screen capture.

Quite interesting and easy to perform, to begin to implement new tools to your screenshot long.

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