How To Configure And Connect To A Vpn From My Phone Free Iphone Or Android?

 Configure and connect to VPN

Want to browse privately or access websites blocked in your country? The VPN may be the solution. In this tutorial we will try to answer the questions: How to configure and connect to a Free VPN from my iPhone or Android phone? Read our guide to find information respect.

With a VPN can access websites that are blocked in your region, fortunately we have options of these features both Android and iOS . A tool that could be useful for different circumstances.

On the other hand, if computer user, you might consider some of the best extensions VPN Google Chrome for that play a role similar to that of the alternatives for mobile devices that we present below.


What is a VPN?

A VPN is a tool with which you can Change location from which you connect or rather, suggests to servers page or application you visit/use these elsewhere.

The VPN are especially useful if you visit a website and can not be accessed by a block location. With a VPN application, it is possible to think pages and applications that you come from another country, while allowing private browsing.

The VPN also allow you to choose the country through which you will connect so, connect to an application of these features lets you navigate without any problem on any website.

On the other hand, this type of service is available almost anywhere, in fact it is possible to use the VPN free Opera browser and use them in mobile devices as we will show below.

How to set up and connect to a VPN from my phone free iPhone or Android?

In the case of Android and have many applications that serve the purpose of connecting to a VPN. In any case we have chosen the Thunder VPN application especially for its ease of use and speed of connection:

  1. The installation process is very simple software, only for it you must go to the Google app store, Play Store.
  2. Once you are there looking for the next “ Thunder VPN “. You can also be accessed directly from Thunder VPN in Play Store .
  3. can easily recognize the application because it has the form of a combined beam with the letter T. Click on it and wait until you load the information, then click on the Install option to begin get off.
  4. Once you have successfully downloaded the application, to start using it shall carry only.
  5. When the application opens, it displayed its interface is very basic. To start using VPN services, you just press on the Connect option and wait until the system finds that the appropriate server.
  6. In any case can also manually change the server , pressing on the small banner located above and to the right.
  7. As you can see the operation of the application is quite simple, plus it operates efficiently in most cases.
  8. However, there are many tools in these features to this system. For example you can connect to an OpenVPN server on Android , being another notable option in the case of the above does not convince you.

    Use VPN Mobile

    VPN for iOS

    In the case of iOS have several optional, anyway, it seems that NordVPN is one of the most prominent VPN in the catalog of Apple devices. If you need a high quality VPN, it’s best to try this app.

    Apple’s policies difficult to find a free application of these features, still NordVPN has the advantage of offering a money back up to 30 days of use, which makes it useful in case you want to use VPN temporarily.

    One of the advantages that presents the program is the large number of servers it has, at present the application offers access to more than 5000 servers . Similarly, we have dozens of different countries to which access the application.

    Finally, you can access this VPN directly from your link NordVPN in App Store , application allowing you to browse privately on your Apple devices.

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