What Is Better Netflix Or Amazon Prime Video?

 Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

Welcome! If you are a person who enjoys watching series and movies but you have doubts about what is the best streaming platform, then you’ve come to the right place. Later you talk a little about the differences between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video . It is noteworthy that our final decision is based on the benefits and disadvantages offered by each platform.

Which is better Netflix or Amazon Prime Video

Movies and Series


Since its founding in 1997, Netflix has gone through a lot of changes in terms of how they offer their services to become what it is today: service international streaming .

Regarding his most famous productions we find the House of Cards series in 2011 significantly increased the popularity of this platform. Then we find other gems like Orange Is the New Black, Narcos, Stranger Things, Three Reasons Why and of course La Casa de Papel .

As for movies, Netflix has a huge variety that will not disappoint. In addition this catalog varies depending on the region where you are. Some examples of excellent movies that you find on this platform are: Rome, Marriage Story, and The Irishman Two Popes.

Amazon Prime

While it is true that Amazon Prime does not have film productions as famous as Netflix, we highlight the following series. The Boys, Fargo, Patriot , Hawaii 5.0, Peaky Blinders, among others

Now, if we refer to the films that generated this platform can not fail to mention some that honestly should enjoy as soon as possible, such as Lady Bird, The Big Sick, Midsommar, Manchester by the Sea, Suspiria.

 View Video Amazon Prime movie series

As for the content, Netflix outpaces Amazon Prime because it has generated a myriad of series and movies are so good that all recommended. In addition Netflix is ​​launching new productions constantly to keep your audience engaged.

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In this regard, we can say that Netflix is ​​very simple, as it has three plans:

  • Basic: 9 $ a month
  • Standard: $ 13 a month
  • Premium: $ 16 per month

The difference between the plans described is the video quality and the number of devices that can be used simultaneously. Which will help you when choosing the best plan to hire Netflix.

With the basic plan will only be able to access a screen and have a resolution of 480p. In contrast with standard membership can enjoy the HD content (1080p) and have at your disposal two screens. Finally, if you decide to pay the premium plan, we provides four ultra-definition screens with HD. In all these plans also you have the chance to download series and movies for offline viewing Internet .

On the other hand, with Amazon Prime Video have the option of paying an annual membership of $ 119 so you can enjoy all content without advertising. In addition you can play up to 3 programs on different devices but not simultaneously.

Also, this membership gives you access to benefits in terms of shopping portal Amazon, and you can enjoy unique offers. Another important advantage of being Amazon Prime member is to use Amazon Music which is basically very similar to Spotify and getting free games with Prime your account.

 Screen watch Netflix

While it is true that Amazon Prime offers many benefits to its members, the price to pay is very high compared to Netflix. That is why in this aspect, Amazon Prime is a step below Netflix .


For Amazon Prime Video , found that its interface is a bit different depending on the device. However, in the Fire devices, the experience improves 100%. Another unfavorable aspect is that the finder of this platform is unfriendly to the recommendations and it does not create different profiles user.

On the contrary, Netflix interface is a little more comfortable and remains about the same in the various devices it supports. Here we can create multiple user profiles that will own and thus recommendations each member of the household may have access to the content you prefer. Undoubtedly, the interface Netflix far outstrips that of Amazon Prime Video.

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In conclusion, based on what we have discussed above, Netflix deserves much more worth than Amazon and therefore we recommend that you not hesitate to subscribe.

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