How To Cancel Or Delete A Subscription From My Netflix Account?


Welcome back! If you take time subscribed to the streaming service Netflix but feel that no longer meets your expectations and want to delete your Netflix account , then you’ve come to the right post. Later we will explain in a didactic way, all the steps to learn how to delete a Netflix subscription in a few minutes .

As on previous occasions, we assure you that is a process quite simple to perform and it will not take more than 5 minutes Let’s do this!

Steps to delete my Netflix account from iTunes

If you are iOS user and you have subscribed to Netflix through Apple but no longer want to continue to have access to this platform. Netflix lets you delete or delete history your electronic devices easily. Therefore, we invite you to keep reading this section of the post. Here we show you step by step what to do to delete a Netflix account from iTunes .

  • To start the process you have to open the settings menu from the main screen of your iOS device .
  • Once you’ve entered this menu, proceed to press on your name to see your account information.
  • Then click on the tab it says «iTunes Store and App Store»
  • When you’re in this section, you must locate where is the Apple ID and then press the « View Apple ID » option. It is safest need to enter your personal data so that the system can verify your identity, which is a routine process.
  • To continue, you have to select the tab « Subscriptions »

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  • Now, within this must tab select the «Netflix.» then a menu will appear with lots of options, then scroll down the menu until you find the option «Unsubscribe»
  • Finally you must press the «Confirm» option and thus will have already completed all the necessary procedure to remove your Netflix subscription from iTunes.
  • You should be aware that if Netflix does not appear in the list of synchronized services with your Apple ID , chances are that you have subscribed to this service from their official website instead of do indirectly using the Apple system.
  • In that case you can not unsubscribe from Netflix using the method just explain in this section.

Unsubscribe from Netflix Smart TV

Here in this first section of the post, we will take the trouble to guide you gradually throughout the process that you must perform to delete a Netflix subscription from the comfort of your Smart TV in a few minutes.

Just remember to follow the exactly the following instructions to avoid problems throughout the whole process. Even if there is any way that you will be difficult, can call attention to the customer of Netflix and they will guide you.

But the steps are very simple to complete and also you will not take long Read on!

  • First you have to enter the official website of Netflix to sign in with your email associated with the account and password corresponding access. However you can also use the Netflix app that exists for Smart TV. This log can form more quickly than if you use your computer. Also remember that both are perfectly valid ways to continue the process.
  • Then you click on the icon of your account to display a menu with several options. These must select the one that says «Your account»
  • Now look for the section that says « Cancel streaming plan «. Then click «Cancel membership»
  • option

  • Then you will jump a new window with the message «Do you want to cancel your membership?». In addition it will also show you the day which will be effective cancellation of the account.
  • Then, proceed to click on the « End cancellation » option is right for the previous message.
  • Finally, Netflix will send an email to your email address associated with the account. It is important that you keep this email to avoid problems with this streaming platform in the near future.

 searching options netflix

We’ve already done for the day! Remember that there are other alternatives to like Netflix to watch series and movies free form. If you have been useful this information, do not forget to share this post with all your contacts through social networks See you in the next installment!

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