Changing The Language Of English To Spanish Netflix On My Mobile Android Or Iphone

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Netflix offers us entertainment and fun because with it we can enjoy millions of movies and TV shows online, of course under the best quality so we no wonder it’s one of the many platforms more used. Maybe at the beginning Netflix have it all in English; but here we show you how to change the language to English to Spanish Netflix.

Changing the language from English to Spanish Netflix in my mobile Android or iPhone

After you finish reading this article you will know to change the language to Netflix, so you can download all the content you want to see it without even internet and in the language of your choice, in this case Spanish.

Edit language from Android or iPhone

The steps are from your mobile device opens the app Netflix once there

  1. login on your account, select Manage Profiles
  2. Sign in to your profile , one visualize once the list of selected options in account .
  3. Then click on profile and select language .
  4. This option will observe multilingual .
  5. Select the language you want set as determined and click on Save.
  6. Log out and open session again in this way the settings will be saved
  7.  tablet with netflix catalog over a laptop

    Change the language subtitles on Netflix

    Netflix will only display five or seven languages ​​flagrantest first. Only two most important languages ​​of downloaded titles will be displayed.

    1. From your iPhone or Android device login your account Netflix
    2. Click Manage profile.
    3. Choose Profile
    4. Open menu languages ​​ and select subtitles in the Language you want.
    5. Re play the movie or series with the subtitle you selected.
    6. Why you can not observe the subtitles in the language you selected?

      You can switch the subtitles are not available at the language in the series or movie at that time are playing. When a language is very recent is not available at the time you may have to wait a while to enjoy the content.

      Although this error is uncommon, as in the case of the Spanish is a language that is in the platform as Home .

       subtitle options netflix

      Another dilemma that can happen is that your mobile app is out of date or mobile is very outdated. If accounts with equipment manufactured before 2014 are languages ​​that do not include subtitles that are displayed by these teams.

      Change the language of Netflix for all content

      If you want to change language in subtitles or audio content generally Netflix specific. also can set the language you prefer for your subtitles, we explain in detail in a review that did Recently. But this case we solve here, you must do the following:

      1. Select the comic icon to the right of the bottom, this should do it during the content playback
      2. .

      3. Then select the language you want on the menu of Caption and audio displayed on the screen.
      4. On the other hand, if you want is to change the language in the content to be displayed on your Netflix account you must:

        1. Select a title with classified
        2. .

        3. Select the comic icon found in the bottom right hand
        4. Then change the language subtitles and audio
        5. .

          NOTE These changes will be made on all devices you use your Netflix account where you configure the default language. Netflix in some countries doing better than elsewhere, made a list of these countries, find out if yours is there and I make the most out of your connection.

          That simple with these few steps can change the language of the audio or subtitles in your series or favorite movies , this change can also browse some options Netflix more comfortable as it will be in a language appropriate for you to set some options that need to observe see on this platform.

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