Deleting Or Delete The History Of Netflix On Your Smart Tv And Android Phone Or Iphone

 Cellular and monitor showing a red X removal history in netflix

We’ll show how to erase or delete history from Netflix on your smart TV and cellular android, because maybe the last recommendations do not convince you, then you will be interested in this article. So you will restart all data starting from scratch and You can share your netflix account without leaving traces on the streaming platform.

Deleting or delete history on your Netflix Smart TV and Cellular Android or iPhone

function netflix history

Allows system streaming Get familiar with your activity. An advantage of history is that it allows the Netflix platform smart suits your suggestions to your tastes, and helps you keep track of what you have seen. It even lets sort lists of movies and series in alphabetical order.

With the wealth of entertainment, it’s hard to remember what has been reproduced and do not know how to locate, or what content you would like to repeat.

For the good of the forgetful, the red giant entertainment Netflix has a useful but hidden option. It all movies are compiled with their respective date, indicating when you saw her. But we’ll show you how to delete or remove netflix history from different devices.

 A box showing history series and movies netflix

How to clear the history from your cell netflix

  1. You open the Netflix application, if problems show the log, we help to fix . Once inside set yourself on the Options menu (located in the upper left, identified as 3 horizontal lines).
  2. Then a vertical menu and touch slides View History (the fourth option); there all movies and TV shows you’ve seen will be reflected.
  3. You press the “X” to the right of the item you wish to delete and a window will appear with the title “Remove from View History” indicating that the film be removed from the viewing history from all your devices in 24 hours. And shows you 2 options: “Cancel” or “OK”. A touching “OK” we see that is removed from the record.
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    When it comes to a number , it is something different. A pressing the “X” indicates that the series window will be removed from the record, but we offer 3 options: “Cancel”, “episode remove” or “remove the whole series.” You choose as you want.

    Something interesting is that even if you remember that deleted within 24 hours , usually clears within minutes on all devices.

    How to remove history from the smart tv netflix

    1. You open internet and headed you
    2. You agree Your Account (at the top right), notice that under “Continue browsing content …” Horizontally you will visualize a range of recent movies seen.
    3. .

    4. You click on Account and you slip to the bottom of the page and in the My Profile enter a Activity Display
    5. Then the page under the My activity , all movies and TV shows. And the procedure is very similar, you click on the “X” to remove it from the history. If you want to verify, refresh the page and you’ll notice that you deleted is no longer reflected.
    6. Another option to check is to go to the home screen Netflix under the title “Continue viewing content”, you slide horizontally and see the poster is no longer showing of the film was removed.
    7.  Indicates settings to remove netflix story

      Once clean history, can download movies and netflix and create a new schedule to your liking, we recommend a software called “Upflix” ; is a & nbsp application available for Android and iOS operating systems for free,. We noted the latest movies and series with their qualifications depending on your country. So what keeps you informed of new entering the platform.

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      We hope you have pleased with the explanation to walk you through the Netflix world and can continue to enjoy the service. We would like to know your opinion to motivate us to write more articles, helping users solve new or better understand the interface of different platforms.

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