How I Can Create A Netflix Account In A Few Steps?

 create a netflix account in a few steps

Netflix has become in recent years, along with other streaming platforms ideal platforms to hang out. For this reason perhaps you seen necessary create a Netflix account.

How can I create a Netflix account in a few steps

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In doing so, you can decide if share your Netflix account or just start < a href = ""> make the most.

Only you follow the steps you’ll leave then and use your computer or your smart device for performing the process.

Create Netflix account

Netflix offers an almost unrivaled wealth of movies and TV available for instant access. Now that more intelligent devices offer embedded applications, is easier than ever to browse your library .

This is one of the valid reasons to wonder how much money you Netflix, because it’s amazing the extent that the platform has.

This way you can create a Netflix account in a simple way through its official web site href=»»> so that can enjoy the cult classics, new blockbusters and more.

  • First you enter the web site using your favorite browser. Whether you’re using a computer or using your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Now just select the option « Enjoy one month » and then you need to fill out a window with information to continue creating a Netflix account appear.
  • Now you must select the « See plans » to observe what are the options available. In this window the options for each plan and its price appear.


  • simply need to select the plan you want and then select « Continue «.
  • On this screen below will create a new account, you just have to put your email and password and then this’ll select « Continue «.
  • In this section, you option to place the payment method you will use to pay your new account.

Payment of Netflix

To make payments Netflix must use a credit card that have the logo Amex, MasterCard, Discover or Visa.

Another option available is to use your PayPal account. Also you can use a Netflix gift card you can buy in many ways.

You can find these cards in supermarkets, shopping pages like Ebay and Amazon, or pharmacies. These cards can recharge the balance.

Continuous registration by placing the payment details, just follow the steps shown in the window and place the data.

Now to finish, just select the option « Start Membership «. And you can start enjoying the series and movies featuring this great platform.

Create Account on iOS or Android

To create a Netflix account on devices with Android operating system or iOS should know that the procedure is very similar to the first option already mentioned.

With the difference that must first install the Netflix app on your iOS or Android device.

 download netflix

You only must join the application store your operating system , either Android or iOS is, use the search engine to find Netflix and download.

Once the download is complete, you must enter the application and you select the « enjoy one month free » in the display three different options you must choose appear.

Continue placing your data, even the part where you place the form of payment You will use to cancel the Netflix service. And voila, you’ll enjoy your service.

It is important to note that to create a Netflix account is forced to put both (Standard or Premium basic) service option, such as data monthly payment .

And you should know that each payment method has its different options and a different price, so you know what service is best for you.

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