Who Is The Creator And Owner Of Netflix?

heard Haber talk about this giant streaming platform and use it, you could say it is natural today, but have asked yourself Who is the creator and owner of Netflix

Who is the Creator and owner Netflix

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Even could certainly go further, wondering how how much you earn money Netflix. Only to subscribe and < a href = "https://tdftips.com/crear-cuenta-netflix/"> create a Netflix account should be a high moment for each person that you do.

For most users will simply have to download and install Netflix, but sometimes it’s important know the origin and other information about the services we use.

The creator and owner of Netflix, Who is this?

When you talk about the beginnings of this entertainment service, the foundation is usually attributed to the philanthropist and entrepreneur Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr .

Although you can also hear about a co-founder Marc Bernays called Randolph , who is a veteran entrepreneur and shareholder.

The reason is mainly Appoints Hastings, is because it is credited with being the « brains of the company «.

But besides having conceived and shaped the platform, as the creator and owner of Netflix , who Reed Hastings really?

This was born in the 60s and is a native of Boston, Massachusetts. During the years before his university education, he trained to become a Navy officer.

But then decided to study and graduate in mathematics and then, a few years later, a directed study at Stanford computer science expertise to .

This will gave impetus and knowledge to start his first project in 1991, Pure Software . It was a technology company character.

The same is majoring in getting rid of certain computer errors. After starting trading on the market, it was absorbed and merged with Atria .


Resulting Pure Atria , place both Hastings and Randolph met. Thus, in 96 this is acquired by another company and entrepreneurs both are unemployed.

In this way, thanks to the time they had, begins the process of creating what we now know as the Netflix platform .

Origin of Netflix

The idea of ​​what we have today scope, was to present an alternative to renting movies in VHS format. is thus sought, the service was less restrictive with delivery times (which for that format was 24 to 48hr) and reduce the need to get to the place again and again.

In addition to trying the treatment of clients and seek out friendlier work based on what they preferred or wanted.

So starting as a rental system audiovisual material through the mail, which at first were sent into physical by the mail service site and returned in the same way.

where users had the ability to keep the material up to a week, and not limited to a single film, if not, they could even enjoy a complete trilogy.

Another peculiarity, was that, to the return an order, had the possibility or right to ask or rent another .

The idea quickly evolved and gained good acceptance of the public, so that the company, being directed by the creator and owner of Netflix, no doubt to update.

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What we know today as Netflix

As we have mentioned, thanks to the great acceptance of the service they were providing, the creator and owner of Netflix with the rest of the directors of the company decided to increase the bet.

This came with the ability to view streaming content, which was a welcome innovation, giving more shape to the current platform.

In addition to this, the company risks in 2011 to create own original productions, starting with the string « House of Cards «.

Currently Netflix has a wide repertoire of original productions that have been well accepted by critics, as is the case of « The Crown » and « Stranger Things «.

In addition to providing for its users a wide range of titles, both series and movies in the comfort of home or place where the person is.

In accordance with development and how current these products are consumed, for example, 24 hours of the day without mandatory breaks.

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