How Easily Download And Install Netflix?

 easily download and install netflix

Now Windows users can download and install Netflix in your equipment and thus enjoy all the series and movies that contain platform.

How to Download and Install Netflix Easily

After doing so, you can log on to Netflix and even tell if Netflix account to share with friends and family

The same has gained tremendous popularity worldwide after he began creating original content for the like other television channels such as HBO.

Now, also incorporates its platform to other systems such as Android, iOS and Windows , creating an application for each of these, and from this tutorial, we show how can download it.

Download and install Netflix for Windows 10

There are two ways to download the Netflix application for Windows 10, one of them is from the store of the system, known as “ Microsoft Store “. And the other is from the web. Sea Anyway, do a speed test WiFi to avoid problems connecting to the start downloading.

Using Microsoft Store

To complete this first method, we proceed to look for the store finder home bar that is located on the bottom left, there will be typed “ Microsoft Store .”

As a result, an icon displayed as white shopping bag with colored boxes inside is selected, and will start immediately a window.

The same will consist of several announcements of applications and games as well as the category tabs with content affiliate Patent Windows.

At the top right is the symbol of a magnifying glass, to allow the press there we search for a program by name, so write “ Netflix “.

In the end the search, the first result that appears will be the application of the platform, and pressing on it, we allow you to download and install Netflix on your computer. This is accomplished by pressing the button “ Install ” that shows after selecting it.


Through the official website of Microsoft

Instead, the second way to find it is by going to the Microsoft official website , which can be found in the search of the browser by typing its name.

Usually, it is the first result is displayed after the search, and the enter the site, select the magnifying glass icon at the top right and proceed to write the word “ Netflix “.

This will teach us a suggestion below the icon of the program and the word “ Application ” and the push to take us to a separate page with all the information.

To download and install Netflix, you must select the button that says “ Get ” located on the right side which will be colored in blue. So, we take you directly to the store and from there you can get off the application.

Download Netflix on a smartphone

This platform is not only available on laptops and table as it is also possible to download Netflix for Android and iOS alike from stores each.

Download Netflix for Android

This application can be downloaded from official and unofficial, that is, from the Google Play Store or, searching from the browser on your device.

Ideally, do it from the store, which will be in the application menu, represented by an icon of “ Play ” with several bright colors.

 netflix app

A the entry, touch the search bar at the top and the name of the application, which will appear in the results with their respective first symbol is written.

In this way, you just have to select and enter the section of the App, where he is to press the button “ Install ” colored green on the right side of the screen.

Download Netflix iOS

Just as Android, iOS operating system for iPhone and iPad are compatible with the application, so it is possible to download and install Netflix on them.

The process is similar to that of the system developed by Google, you just have to go to the App Store from your phone, and search program from the icon on the magnifier typing the name, and if he is available for that version of iOS will be possible to download it.

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