Why Netflix Is ​​Fuzzy Or Not Charging Me?

Sometimes the Netflix app does not work properly, such as when is fuzzy or not you load the film or series. The good news is that all these types of cases have a solution that is not very complex to perform, but rather something very simple.

Why Netflix is ​​fuzzy or did not load

Even large platforms have this kind of errors, such as when Disney Plus does not work. Even if HBO occurs when the service is not available. Netflix was not going to be the exception.

From this we speaking in this article , so you know what is the reason why Netflix is fuzzy and how to fix it. Since people generally exhibit this problem when they start to move all the options, but this ruling does not come from there.

Why is fuzzy?

The reason why is fuzzy or will not load Netflix is the bandwidth of your internet , basically is not entering the amount of data necessary for good reproduction. Take a WiFi speed test to check this.

First you have to consider the plan Netflix have, as you must remember that the basic option does not allow playback of full HD content.

In any case, if you have the option to play full HD content then can speed test on your computer , so you can watch your internet.

Since to observe without any problems the series and movies in full HD, it is necessary to have at least one internet with 5MB download .

What if you do the speed test internet and have a smaller download than 5 MB, can reset the router off and on again.

 netflix no load

If your download service to the restart the router remains under 5 MB is recommended that you contact your operator to check what is happening.

This is the main reason why is fuzzy or not you load the videos on the Netflix app, whenever blur see is failures in receiving Internet .

Other faults

other problems may exist, such as when many devices are connected to the same network WiFi and all are using the Internet. Such things can cause that looks blurry or do not load the series or movies, since it is using all the available MB the same time.

Much more if you are doing a download that can cover the entire bandwidth of the Internet, therefore, be difficult that the image is not going pixelated. Another problem that can also be common, is when your internet company performs maintenance on the network, this causes can not receive the full megs hired.

That is why My recommendation is that you take out service 10 megs or more to this if available, so you have a better experience when enjoying Netflix.

And if there are many devices that use the Internet at home or anywhere where you want to see Netflix, then it is better than the service of 20MB or more.

 no load netflix

Many devices

Religious to the use Netflix account is to share with others, usually one or two more people. They may even be up to 3 people.

In such cases may receive an error telling you that there are many people connected to Netflix account and therefore playback will stop. This means that you do not have a plan hired so they can use several people at the same time.

And the solution for such cases is plan to hire more capacity for all Netflix can enjoy without any problems.

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