Sharing My Netflix Account Without Giving Password Easily

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Lately, applications and platforms that share their content via streaming, have increased. Not only that, but also have become very popular. One of the most commonly used is Netflix , even works on TVs that do not Smart TV are .

Now. To enjoy this service, users must pay a subscription per month, and for a limited number of devices.

Sharing Account Password Netflix without giving Easily

However, there are those want to share your Netflix account with friends or family , without the other person knows the password and the user of your account. Is that possible? Yes. So in this article we will show you how to share your Netflix account without giving your password.

Why it is not good to share your password

There are users with premium accounts that allow you to connect up to 5 different profiles, being the ideal place to share with family and friends. But if you bought only the basic plan, the application will notify you can not use , since many people are online.

On the other hand, there should be problems if we share your username and password with family and friends. But if at the same time they share with others, then our data will be exposed. Therefore, in the simplest cases we must change the password for our account, or also delete that user our account.


Therefore, the idea of ​​sharing our data user account and password do not seem as attractive as they involve some risks and dangers. But no problem, because there is a simple way to share our Netflix account , without giving our password.

A simple extension to the scope of your hand

For our convenience, we have designed an extension for Google Chrome that will allow you to share your account any platform, without sharing your account information. The extension name is Share Account. What it does it is generate a URL or a link that lets you share your account to another user through it.

This is one of the best Chrome extensions to take advantage of Netflix . One of the benefits is that it is not supported by any server. Because of this, communication between two or more people is quickly and safely.

It is important to note that this tool is specially designed for accounts with more than one screen. Otherwise, you will be more comfortable, although more risky, sharing password.

Its operation is really simple. Both the user who will share the account, as that will receive, must have installed the extension. So if you want to share your Netflix account, this simple tool is the solution to your problem. &Nbsp;

Share your Netflix account step

The first thing to do is download the Chrome extension and install it. For this it is necessary that we enter in the Chrome Web Store. Once we find it, we must give the option that says “ Add to Chrome “.

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And automatically begin downloading. Once the download is complete, we can locate the extension on the right side of the address bar.

The next thing to do is enter our Netflix account with your username and password. After that, select the extension icon, represented by a padlock. Once inside, you will find 3 options which allow us to share our own. These are:

  • Share Account:   This option is allow us to share our own. To do this, we need to have the code of the recipient. It also gives us the option to choose the time to share the account. If you leave this option blank will select the default time, which is one week, but we can change our preference.
  • Receive Account:   In this section, we will get our code of recipient. This code is what we must give the person you want to receive the bill. After I receive it, we will find a section called “ Share Result “. There have to paste the code we sent our target.
  • Share History : This option allows us to keep track of the accounts we have shared, and how many times we have done. Although the register only to activity that we had during the last month.

We hope this article has been helpful. You can also commented that give a Netflix subscription to a friend or family member if you want, and I would avoid having to share your password.

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