Using Or Use Netflix Party On Cell Step

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We enjoy spending time with our family and friends to see a series or film. Netflix Party from the computer we can. But what if we do it from our cell, how can we do ?; Briefly’ll show you how use Netflix Party in cell .

How to Use or Use Netflix Party in the Cell Step by Step

The coronavirus has caused us to distance ourselves socially; and we stay at home for our security and that of our loved ones. But Netflix has made it possible for us to feel together despite being separated .

Netflix has become famous thanks to its wide variety of content; If you have already tried it before, you know are the best movies and Netflix . What you may not know, it is that you can sort the list of Netflix movies and series in order Alphabetical .

Where does this application comes?

There is an invention that allows us to share in real time with our loved ones. It is called Netflix Party, what is and what is ; It is an interesting combination of platform series and movies from Netflix, with instant messaging. This tool was not developed by Netflix’s own people.

 A person watching a movie on Netflix

This is Google Chrome extension; This allows multiple users to see series and movies on the same time. In addition, they can instantly make your comments in the chat partner. With this new extension, people may feel they are together even though they are separated.

It is true that we can see Netflix content in our cell, still can not enjoy Netflix Party in our cell. The only function has been prepared for us to use the Chrome browser on desktop or laptop computers.

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But we present a solution so you can use Netflix on your cell Party. And is the application called Rave. It is an application that lets you create or join different channels along with family and friends.
In applying the channels allow you to contact with anyone around the world.

So you can display series, videos or movies simultaneously. And you can use it when you want to use Netflix to watch with friends and family. Your guests will be notified, although you can also send the link via SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or mail. Should take into account that each user must have a Netflix account.

Step by step to enjoy Netflix Party on your device

You mentioned that Netflix Party to enjoy on your phone to keep in your cell Rave application. The operation of the application is very simple . We’ll show you how to use Netflix.

 Photo of the rave application

need not put yourself according to your friends and family to start playback all the same time. Rave will synchronize all through the channel used. The application meets all video elements, sound and chat to work in sync. To achieve this you’ll have to follow these steps:

  1. From the Google Play Store you download Rave . Family and friends should also have it download it on their phones.
  2. Create an account or log in implementing Rave.
  3. You must create your own room, for that you press the button Add friends. This button is the top right of the screen.
  4. What you do next is to add to relatives or friends from your contact list on the phone or Facebook.
  5. Once you’ve chosen your family or friends, you return to the home screen Rave.
  6. Click on the + icon to view the video platforms available.
  7. will see that within available options is Netflix . If this is the first time you do it, you ask start your Netflix Party session.
  8. Now you select the series or movie you want to watch with your family and friends and start playback.
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    With these simple steps you’re ready to watch Netflix simultaneously and chat with friends and family at the same time. We were very pleased to help you enjoy Netflix Party. Keep visiting our website to find other topics that might be of interest.

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