What It Is And What Is Netflix Party? -Explanation Complete

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With the evolution of technology, it is becoming easier communicating with your friends, even Cundo distance prevents it. It is no secret that today there are many applications that can be connected, you make videolllamadas, send instant messages or otherwise have a better connection with others.

What is and what is Netflix Party -Full explanation

Currently, due to the pandemic of the Covid-19 (better known as coronavirus) has increased the development of platforms that allow real-time connection , making users take a more fun way and dynamic their free time.

An example of these platforms is, Netflix party. It is a useful tool for watch movies or series at the same time as your friends . The form of this medium is dynamic and easy to know how it works Netflix Party, which has tricks and secrets. Therefore, its use is widespread, being a method to be more communication.

What is Netflix?

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Normally known as Netflix TV service online , which offers an extensive catalog of movies and series. Similarly, it is a payment platform, which open and log provides one month trial gratuitous. Through the same customers they may choose when and they want to see.

There is a broad category of movies, series, documentaries and more. Therefore, it has become quite a trend. Note that this American company was founded in 1997.

In the beginning this important entertainment medium running through DVD rental by e mail. In 2007, Netflix began offering a VOD service in the United States, being solely for personal computers.

However, despite its remarkable success, was until 2016 that use expanded by almost everyone. Today the company has over 158 million users worldwide.

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What is Netflix Party?

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Netflix Party is a program or application that you can use cell by its users may enjoy series, movies, documentaries , among others together with others in real time . Although their performance in their extensive catalog streaming is equal to that of Netflix, it is important to note that it is not an extension over Netflix.

Meanwhile, Netflix party is nothing more and nothing less than a Google Chrome extension . Therefore, for this application it is extremely necessary to have this browser, and should also have a Netflix account. Because although it is not an extension of this program are also their relationship and link, due to its content streaming.

Party Differences between Netflix and Netflix normal

Now surely be wondering what is the difference between Netflix and Netflix Party usually know? Basically, the difference is that the Netflix common , only allows view and choose any content streaming from its catalog.

While Netflix Party goes beyond this, because it allows us recreate a marathon series with distant friends What does this mean? In other words, this can send the URL application of Netflix content to their friends, to enjoy it, all together, no matter where.

How to use Netflix Party?

To use Netflix party is important to have Google Chrome installed and an account on Netflix. Then you must enter the party official site Netflix Then click ‘Download’ . Page immediately directs for installing in Chrome.

Next, you must access Netflix for Choose content you want to view, as it starts playing, click click on the extension icon (which in the upper right corner of the browser).

After this, the user can get URL , which can send and share with friends who also have this application. Thus, you can see the content together and make use of a chat to discuss what they are seeing.

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It is important to note that The application is free , however, to enjoy it a Netflix account and therefore is required, it is payment.

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