How To Open And Control The Opening Of The Diaphragm Of My Camera

 open and control the aperture my camera

The photograph is a widely practiced skills today that requires a lot of practice to be professionally applied. One factor is the correct aperture which comprises an important aspect of the image.

You usually catch are performed by professional cameras, but today the quality of camera phones has dramatically improved.

This means that this group of factors that bind to may also be obtained by a high-end mobile.

So if you want to know more about this factor that make up the image, and if it is possible to manually manage via your cell phone, keep reading this article.

What is the aperture?

It consists of one of the most important basics of photography, because it is through it that manages the depth of field and exposure image .

rooms consist of an element called target, wherein the diaphragm is, there is nothing more than a series of “gates” that open or close to graduated on the passage of the light towards the sensor .


To describe a better way we can functionally compare the iris of our eyes, which increases or reduces its size to adapt the vision in light of the environment .

A use of a of the camera, if the kind you can take pictures automatically or manually adjusting, for this setting depending on what you want to capture.

Other functions of aperture

In addition to allowing the passage of light to be captured in the image, the diaphragm also defines the depth of image field. In other words, by this factor also determines how will focus the image and that’s what will appear clear or not.

This is directly related to the amount of depth you want to use, because if you apply a great value in the significantly more concentrated image and vicecersa objects will be felt.

Managing the aperture through the camera phone

Unfortunately, this is not an issue that can be operated manually via a cell. No matter how technology implementation advanced in camera.


No matter how you manage a Samsung, iPhone or Huawei. the aperture is something that is automatically included in the image.

However, with these cameras if you can manipulate the degree of depth of photography. While pressing a particular point on the screen, the camera will try to focus and give a blur to the rest of the image.

How to control the diaphragm of a camera?

professional camera manufacturers like Canon or Nikon if they can handle the aperture manually to determine the wishes effect in photography. This is done by a value called “f-number”. Which according to its variation determine the passage of light to the image .

To explain a better way, we can establish the following: if the value of “f-number” is higher or “very open”. The image sharpness target get weaker and therefore more blurred effect in preview.

If on the other hand, the value of the “f-number” a “very close” or less is determined. The diffraction light of current problems and directly affects the sharpness or focus the image.

 controlling the diaphragm from a camera

Therefore, you must use an average value. You can comfortably manage aspects of the development, depth and brightness.

This way, you can get the desired time to capture an image effect. Well combined with other aspects of photography, giving a more sophisticated feel.

Finally, you have more to start practicing with your camera in different environments. So learn to determine what the appropriate aperture for each target.

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