How Smart Ear Headphones Sony Xperia Work On Mobile

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Technology is always looking to make our day to day much easier, and carried out in small steps and details that are added to our existing devices. This is something that we can see directly into the Devices we handle on a daily basis as the computer, the mobile Smart TV, tablet, etc.

There are many devices we use on a daily basis for the sake of entertainment, communication and more, but if something is really clear in all this is that the most used device for this purpose probably our unit < strong> mobile.

Our mobile offering us everything we could wish for, because it gives us the opportunity to to take pictures as href=””> professional stay instant messaging connected, play our favorite game, and more.

All this taken into account the degree of customization that comes with a mobile device, so it is not surprising to see the number of people using their mobile on a daily basis for many tares different. Even becoming a very important feature for people who are busy and often use your phone as a wizard.

Now, to do all this work, various mobile developers have created their own virtual assistants, so you can do many things with only voice commands.

But as we have said in the beginning, always looking to make these processes simpler experiences, and this is where Sony came on the market with Sony XperiaEar a smart headset that provides much more than could be expected.

And if you do not believe then watch a bit of this interesting atrial and how it works so you can decide whether you need it or not.

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What is smart handset Sony XperiaEar?

Virtual Assistants have become something much more valuable as the years pass, because all they can do for us by simply Voice is one of the most popular wizard Google


As it became popular to use on iOS devices, it is obvious that something was going well and that many would seek to use increasingly a virtual assistant, and Sony took the opportunity, created a by intelligent headset you can control one way Virtual assistant smart and convenient. If you still have doubts how it works below. These href=””> so that you can use when you want.

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How smart handset Sony XperiaEar work?

The smart handset Sony ExperiaEar in first case looks like a very interesting smart handset, as it is elegant and with a size not too intrusive to our ears.

He poorer, and easy battery or load his case that can accommodate up to 3 charges the handset we do not have to worry about cables and other; also has a noise-canceling microphone and a small. But although so far it is a fairly common helmet, we must begin to talk about how the virtual assistant with this work.

Really atrial interesting, because the button can activate with Virtual Assistant of the same application of the Sony XperiaEar Google Assistant or Google Now. once we activate Voice commands can perform and be able to move head affirmatively or negatively additional commands to give thanks to sensors installed.

Thanks to these commands can reply to messages, retrieve messages, make Call to make changes to the agenda or calendar, to hear about weather, news and more. It is a very special handset for those who do not have time to look at the phone screen all day.

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