How To Know The Date That The License Expires My Account Office 365?

Office 365 is a paid application that has several advantages for Microsoft users. office automation tool is available for a year, then it is mandatory to renew or cancel your subscription, but How to know the date on which the license expires my Office 365 account ; This article will provide the answer.

How to know the date on which the license expires my Office 365 account?

The online office suite has gained great popularity for its versatile nature and functions available. However, Microsoft requires that users paid annual subscription under a license that must be renewed on a specific date. You can tell if your license expires Office 365 account if you continue to read this article.

Then, we explain what is Microsoft Office 365 , its functionality, the activation form and method to know your license expiration date to renew or cancel in time this office suite.

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What is Office 365?

Office 365 is an online office suite that offers Microsoft   for the Document Management . Office 365 differs from the traditional version of the “office” because it allows users to access their files in real time through an Internet connection and onedrive application. In this sense, it is necessary that users connect to Office 365 portal Office applications.

What is the license of Office 365 account?

license from the Office 365 account refers to a subscription of temporary service Microsoft offers to enjoy the office suite Microsoft Office from any device (PC, mobile phone, laptop, tablet ) connected to the network of networks.

What is the license of Office 365 account?

The license Office 365 account used to access applications online office suite Office &NBSP. The license is issued to the user when Activate Office 365 and enables the creation, change the administrator account user , access and share Word documents, PowerPoint and Excel. Even you can change the administrator user account

On the Office 365 account

To enable Office 365, you must create a Microsoft account account (if you have not yet). Later, head to the official website Office and sign in with your user account. Then follow the steps shown in the wizard and the product to activate the license Office 365 .

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How to know the date on which the license expires Microsoft Office 365 account

The process to find the date of expiry Microsoft Office 365 license is very simple. First, you should know that one month before the expiry of the license, Microsoft sends an electronic message to inform the respect of the user.

However, if you want to know the exact date of the expiration of your license go to the website and log in with the same Microsoft account that you created to enable the Office 365 service can also transferir license from one PC to another easy to use Office applications without any inconvenience.

Options access to your account

Once you enter the site you will find identified as icon “My Account” &NBSP. Click here to see a new section called “Manage Account” . In this space you will find the day, month and year when the license expires your account Office 365

Why is it important to know the date on which the license expires 365 account?

Microsoft is a ” automatic renewal” when users do not cancel your subscription. This process involves an initial loading service all 365 days.

If you do not want to continue using this office automation tool that Microsoft, it is best that you are aware of the expiration date in order to unsubscribe office 365 time. Thus, you avoid an expense for a service you can not use in the future.

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