How To Install Or Uninstall The Program Wordpad In Windows 10

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Then we will see how to install or uninstall the program WordPad in Windows 10 . A program that does not reach the same level of Word but is not as basic as a notebook.

Currently perform office tasks is quite common either for work or study. Why it is essential to have a trusted program that allows us to compose text enriched way. Many people choose to use Word default on your computer.

However, for those who do not need as many functions as Word provides an alternative exists that is already installed with Windows and is just WordPad.

While not a tool too advanced Word . If you offer a lot of useful tools to quickly edit text files in a very simple and intuitive environment. And you also have the option of WordPad to convert files from Word without problem.

However, we can not deny that it is a program which is very little used in general terms. If you do not use it for anything and want to save some space, it is best to directly uninstall Windows.

Doing so is a simple process and if at some want time to reinstall it, do not worry because it is also very easy to do and I’ll show how to perform these two tasks a little below.

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How to install or uninstall WordPad in Windows 10

  • You need to go to the menu “ Home ” and then “ Settings ” paragraph to which you access by clicking the icon in the form of gear left side of the menu “ Home “.
  • In the window “ Settings ” you’ll have to go to the section “ Applications ” and then we go to “ Applications and features “in the left sidebar of the screen.
  • After this we have to press on the “ Optional features “.
  • are displayed several features of the operating system. Here we must seek “ WordPad “.
  • Once located we will give click on WordPad and you will see a button is grayed just below that says “ Uninstall “.
  • At the top of this section will appear WordPad and uninstallation bar when the program is completed will no longer be available in Windows 10.

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How to install or activate WordPad in Windows 10

  • If you want to install or re-activate WordPad thing you should do is go to Start & gt; Configuration & gt; Applications & gt; Applications and features in the left sidebar and in this section we will go to “ Optional features “.
  • Here we can see at the top a button that says “ Add a feature “. We press on that button and will open a new window.
  • In this section you can find a lot of features of Windows 10. Among those is WordPad. You just need to look for and mark the square-shaped icon located on your left.
  • After this the only thing left to do is clicking the “ Install ” button on the left to start the installation process and then be available as usual in Windows 10.

As you have mentioned above WordPad is not as advanced as Word that we can insert, edit and modify images easily among other interesting options.

if WordPad does not even have a spell checker, something that many come to us very well, from which if you have Word and of itself is one of the best you’ll find in today.

The process to install or uninstall WordPad in Windows 10 is very simple and should not take more than a few minutes. This can also be done with all applications that come by default installed on the Microsoft operating system.

If you encounter the problem of not have saved your file in Wordpad , do not worry following these steps can recover files.

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