Making An Animation Using Flash Movie Clips -Step By Step

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Adobe Flash Professional allows us animations in various formats, today is the main entertainment program on the internet that allows us a simple animation very easily, tools enable us to process a Flash animation is ready in a couple of hours.

In order to make an animation Adobe Flash Professional need to understand what your basics and be able to understand how to make this process as a professional. If you also want to design your characters you can perform them and encourage them in After Effects.

We leave that for make a Flash animation traditional consists of several frames containing the same image that is altered in a minimal, but the breed all together gets moving image.

Adobe Flash Professional can produce animations 24 frames per second (FPS), this means that in one second of animation we have 24 pictures where everyone has slight modifications, can change the FPS within an animation of 12 or 24, it is advisable for smoother animation is to use 24 FPS.

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How to make a Flash animation using movie clips?

  1. To begin, we must download Adobe Flash Professional (Adobe Animate) then start the program click the File section and then click New document and selecting the type of document we will click “Actionscript 3.0” and then click OK.
  2. This way we will have a new document where we will create our animation, we will find the right of your screen the Library , there must place the images in the desired format and music if needed.
  3. A place them in the Library section can access them more comfortably.
  4. To start the animation drag images into the new document and observe that unifies a single image or layer, we will display the Edit menu and then select Timeline and last “Distribute to Layers” .
  5. Observe that each image is seen as a new layer in the timeline we have in the bottom of the screen.
  6. In this way we can modify, move or delete any layer within the timeline, for our first picture we need the images that will give initial movement are in place.
  7. A performing the select modifications using the click inside the new document images and make right click on a layer in the timeline will display a menu where you must click on the Cut frames.
  8. Once this is done we will click on the Insert menu and then the option New symbol and there a window where we select a name for the new symbol and the Type option must place the Clip movie option to be displayed make a animation
  9. .

  10. In this way the first frame of our animation will be created inside this symbol must again right-click menu and there where we click the Paste option will display frames.
  11. In the timeline we must draw a line from top to bottom and right-click find the “Insert Frame” , select the layers that we should not change our animation.
  12. timelines will trace the remaining layers and we will leave spaces 5 seconds each (F6). Example: the first will draw a line at 5 seconds and then another line within 10 seconds, another 15 and another at 20
  13. .

  14. In between each space 5 seconds must return to draw lines (F6) .
  15. To make changes to our animation we select points within the timeline, which were these lines before we draw, where each will make movements using the “Free Transform” (Q) .
  16. In the footsteps of the 7 to 13 will make changes in the animation to help us patiently to perform properly animation, once the only animation must save it in the default format and we list our animation.
  17. balloons encourage program

    Please note:

    Inside the animation can add music and interactive backgrounds for our animation. Should not have this downloaded program do not limit yourself, you can also make a professional fluid animation Animator Pivot . If you want to learn more about Flash and the Adobe family can stay in


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