How To Capture A Form Using Tabstrip Control

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Excel is a program developed by the Microsoft company. Primarily it designed to enable us to perform calculations. It is an excellent way to carry and organize our finances and accounting tasks.

If you have a business or need to perform tasks that require complex calculations in Excel, we will be very useful. It is a full program capable of performing difficult activities like add cells of different leaves , extract and obtain initials name, multiply in an Excel automatically , among many others, one must learn to use and exploit the most of everything it offers.

One of these tools is Tabstrip, meet us afond operation will be of great help when working with Excel. In this article we will focus on teaching How to use the TabStrip command specifically for a capture form.

How to make a capture form using Tabstrip control?

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the TabStrip control is a tool in Excel whose main function is to allow in one form can create multiple pages . Which is the same as saying it serves as a separator page but related to the same area.

From a visual standpoint seen as within the same form several pages, which related to the same topic . All this is done by commands, which are indicated below by way of example, to make the subject more understandable.

Steps to capture form using Tabstrip Control

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The first thing to do is open Excel . In this case we will have a form for a business manager to sell charcuterie and greengrocer. We will open two tabs and create a table to charcuterie and one for greengrocer.

These tables will three columns one for another code name for the product and the last for the price per kilo in each row insert the values ​​for the product. Then we Click design mode to start enter commands .

We start with index 0 , then begin to write the codes on the Save button where you insert the values ​​for each product. This is very useful because it will allow us to have control of the grouping instructions.

To start typing commands must start by typing select case . Next, an expression to evaluate, which generally can be a numeric variable. Actually what we do with this step is to evaluate the expression to perform a specific block of code.

Once you have written case and the list of instructions to write another code block we rewrite case and we follow the instructions . a set of instructions and not the other will take depending on the value expression evaluated.

already done this, we will have a case statement else that allows us in the case that the variable has not taken any of those values ​​that have defined above. We do what we have in the case else finally finished the sentence with End Select .

In this case we have Two blocks one to fill the data within the tab charcuterie and one for greengrocer. For this example we are using three variables of time which are integer code, product and price per kilo.

Finally it is important each item we make save with the End If command, made all the commands for the two tabs give click Save in the upper left corner.

Then select Design Mode to exit the design mode, and can start adding data in the spreadsheet for each product. The product name and price per kilo and we click Save.

in the selected tab charcuterie we enter all data will go keeping automatically charcuterie table one by one. And the greengrocer select input data are stored in the table greengrocer, so we must continue to end all products.

Learn to work with commands like Tabstrip is very important, because we save time and help us do the job much better without errors. Like this there are many tools you provide Excel commands.

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