How To Set Ok Google On My Android Or Ios Device? -Fast And Easy

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Welcome, today we’ll tell setting Ok Google on my Android device or iOS quick and easy . Is quite simple to perform, I explain step by step so you wont have any problems.

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How to configure Ok Google Android easy and fast

set Ok Google Android easy and fast you start entering Google app. Look in the bottom corner of the More & gt; Configuration & gt; Voice & gt; Ok Google & gt; Match Voice . You must activate Ok Google sliding the switch to the right.

Then you record the sound of your voice so that your phone can recognize it and start the wizard. Prior to that, it will show an interface where you explains. Click on Next and the new screen on I agree to grant permissions.

Now you say Ok Google twice, loud and clear. say After the first click Next to do it a second time. Then click on Finish. Now you just have to activate it to function properly.

Ok Google you can also configure and activate directly on the href=””>

If you want to work can turn the screen off while driving or while you have headphones connected via Bluetooth. It is a good tool that will help you access all functions of the device just by talking.

You can ask you to open any app, to call a contact from your address book, perform a search quickly, which lead you somewhere special or whatever comes to mind.

Ok Google activate your Android device you enter Google App From the lower right corner press on & gt Mas.; Configuration & gt; Voice & gt; Ok Google & gt; Match Voice & gt; ok Google.

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How to set up on my iOS device “Ok Google” in a few steps

Unlike Android devices, a iPhone assistant Siri uses voice commands. However, there is an alternative to change it to the assistant Google.

To do this you must download on your iPhone device the latest version of Google Assistant Store from Apple Store. Accepts all the terms and conditions so that it can function normally and proceeds now to configure it.

To do this, go to Settings of the device and search for section and Siri Search . In the new interface you’ll get a list of all applications that support this feature. You must find Google Assistant and enter the submenu.

Active Siri and suggestions and Allow lock screen . In both cases you slide the switch to the right. At the end of the list are shortcuts, you must log in to add paragraph.

There will create shortcuts that you get with the voice command Hey Google . Remember that before you set up your voice to activate it so you can recognize it. As yet you have, will appear on the screen a red button you customize the voice command.

Can you say Hey Ok Google or Google or words you want to start the wizard of Google. It is important to know that you use the Google assistant starting from Siri. So the voice command that you give will be:

Hey Siri, open or Assistant Siri Hey, ok Google

Here you name the voice commands you’ve chosen the first, first you must ask Siri to open the Wizard Google. You can also choose to press the buttons of your iPhone to open Siri and from there directly say Ok Google.

Another way to have quick access to Google wizard is add Google app to the Dock. To do so opens the main menu to see all applications.

Then hold Google app and drag it to the Home screen. Finally put it in the Dock and press the start button.

In this way and can use voice commands to open the wizard quickly when you’re with your hands full. You can ask to open any app, to call any contact in your address book, to guide you to a place that shows the weather or whatever comes to mind.

We hope this guide how to set Ok Google on my Android or iOS device will have been useful.

If you ever get to have problems with the assistant Ok Google, such as this you may not answered , do not despair that this problem can be easily solved.

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