Adding Or Add Onedrive To The Context Menu “Send” In Windows

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Then we will see Add or onedrive add to the context menu “Send To” in Windows so to speed up the time when files to Enviar cloud.

The cloud storage is something very important today. The safest method that we must protect the most important files you have on your computer.

The integration of last updated Windows onedrive is really perfect and not you can expect less because onedrive is Microsoft. It offers the possibility to have free storage up to 15 GB more than enough for most users.

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To be perfectly integrated into Windows can send files from our computer without even having to open the browser or something like that. We can even do it from the context menu “Send to”.

While we can open the folder and drag what you want to get into the cloud, this process can be a waste of time if we have the possibility to send by pressing a single click right?

So this pretty streamlines the process of being backed up files in the cloud. For this reason, we will see how you can configure Windows onedrive appear in the “Send to” menu and save as much time as possible.

This tutorial is fairly simple to make and you can be helpful to add other applications such as Google Drive to” Send to “, because it is the same for all the applications you have on your computer.

How to add onedrive Windows context menu

  • The first thing to do is press “ Windows + R ” in the window “ Run ” is opened.
  • In this window, we will write “ Shell :. Sendto ” and press the enter key
  • This will open the folder “ Save   .” Who looks like any other Windows folder
  • In this file is to right click on a blank space and select “ New ” and “ Shortcut “.
  • opens a new window to create the shortcut to an application, program, folder or file.
  • Now let’s press the “ Browse ” button can appreciate the right.
  • This will open a small window “Search for files and folders” What we need to do is to navigate through the folders until you find the “ onedrive ” and then just pressed ‘ OKAY “.
  • Once selected, what we do is to press “ Next ” below.
  • Then we have to choose the name of the default shortcut “ onedrive ” Here, you can put the name you want or leave.
  • In this way, the shortcut will appear in the “ Tip “.

Adding to the Windows context menu A reader

Now every time you right click on a file and we select the “to” . You can see APPEARS “Drive One”. Now copy the file directly to our account in the cloud.

If you want to send files or folders to a specific folder in onedrive, you must create the same way you’ve discussed above, a shortcut to that folder. Thus, it appears specific folder in the Windows context menu whenever you right-click a file or folder.

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As you can see is quite simple Create Shortcut to add to the context menu to send in Windows. In a few steps, you have everything to create shortcuts you want any type of program.

Remember that if you still have any doubt can leave a little below where the comments section so we can help is.

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