Changing The Default Location Of The Onedrive Folder In Windows 10

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Then we will see how to change the default location of the folder onedrive Windows 10 in a fairly simple, especially in a few steps.

So onedrive default folder is stored on drive C. The problem is that sometimes we do not have much space or another player on our PC and we want to move this forward it.

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Is – it possible to change the location of onedrive file? It’s certainly something we’ll see in this tutorial, you can see it – below where we will explain step by step what you need to know to change the default location of onedrive folder.

onedrive is Microsoft’s cloud service works similar Google Drive. The service is pre-installed on the Windows 10 operating system and with a score of Microsoft have access to 5GB of free storage.

Change the default location of the folder onedrive

services on the cloud have become very popular, especially for Backup because in this way we should not lose information if something happens on the hard drive of your computer.

But you have to have everything perfectly organized, especially if you use multiple cloud services. Today we will see How to change the location of onedrive file so you can place it where you want.

All you need to do is follow the steps of the tutorial, we’ll leave you a little lower, within seconds, you will change the storage of the default folder in the Microsoft cloud location.

Change the location of the folder in Windows 10 onedrive

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In this simple way and you have the folder where you want, as you can see is too simple a process it should not take too long or too complicated. Also, remember that you can leave a little below your questions or if there is a complication in the process.

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