Making Automatic Backup Of My Pc With Onedrive

Different operating systems have implemented the mode of making automatic backups for protect user information . onedrive for his part, is one of the tools that can be used in Windows to accomplish this task.

His quick access depends directly on the version number you use since before Windows 10 does not add this option to your notifications.

However, this should not be of concern because it can still be used to automatically store the contents of important files.

This program is available for computers and mobile devices , so that regardless of the team with the content, it can be seen and handled another that is synchronized. So if you want to learn how to perform backups with this tool, read this article.

Configure your computer to perform automatic backups onedrive

From a PC running Windows can implement this online storage service, commonly known as the “Cloud”.

If the tool is incorporated in the system, or Debas download and install on your computer, access can onedrive accediento Start menu or via the cloud icon in the notification bar.

 onedrive to make automatic copies

At first, you can select ” security issue” as a protection method. After selecting, the wizard displays. This window is where you head to the button for “More” to find the Settings section. There, you can press the “Back up” to start managing.

On your screen will display a window where you can select the amount of files and files require automatic backup. Remember – that limit of storage is 5 GB Do not exceed this amount, so it is advisable unless it is decided a payment system to increase capacity.

When you are finished selecting files, you can press the button “Start Backup” where you’ll see the dialog and progress bar to finish.

From that moment, every time you change a file or document, the change will be automatically generated onedrive, and you can check or use each time you access the portal from your PC or another synchronized team.

How to solve the various problems encountered during copying onedrive?

In the same way as any other system, the online backup method also provides a number of parameters that must comply files. This way, you can ensure proper operation, recording and content management . Among the most common problems are:

 problems encountered during copying onedrive

  • Protection folder are not available: this is because the file is encuenta affiliated with a degree of paramount importance (Administrator folder, for example), so can not be added to onedrive a personal account. In this regard, it is recommended to evaluate and configure data protection acquired the folder.
  • The folder is selected for synchronization. As its name suggests, to resolve this error require re-enter the program settings
  • After you press the button “Choose Folder” and make sure you turn the folder or file you want to save. At the end, you click “Start Backup” and provides that the procedure is complete.
  • The file exceeds the maximum size: from onedrive has a storage limit (either the default or the one established by the purchase), the folder or file you want to copy must not exceed 100 GB to solve. this problem, remove the documents, images or other large documents held and restart the backup .

Back up all your files will let you feel at ease regarding the protection of your critical data.

Back up is essential today. Through it avoid a loss of information , allowing you to access them from any device synced to onedrive.

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