How To Upgrade To The Latest Version Onedrive In Windows 10?

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Today we will see how to upgrade to the latest version OneDrive in Windows 10 very easily and automatically. So that never again have to worry about updates of this powerful storage service in the cloud. Moreover, remember that you can try interesting actions like copy files between Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive .

The cloud storage offers a lot of advantages in saving all kinds of documents. It is not only much safer to have important files stored on a USB flash drive or unit which may be damaged or lost.

But it also allows us to have access to them we are where we are, while we count with an internet connection. But something is is essential keep the app updated to the latest version , to thereby be as safe as possible.

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Remember that apps are updated to add new features not only. But also to improve the performance and safety of them, fix bugs (errors) that can have, among other things.

So then you will see a simple but tutorial cash to quickly learn how to update OneDrive to the latest version available for the operating system Microsoft in a highly so simple and also how enable automatic updates of OneDrive so you do not have to worry again for the same.

 version OneDrive

Update to the latest version OneDrive

Windows handles OneDrive automatically upgrade whenever available a new version. However, it may happen that by mistake bloqueas updates or downloads a new version, so ideal in these cases would learn how to download and install the latest version of OneDrive available.

  • The first thing you have to do is download OneDrive from this link.
  • Then you must proceed to install. Once you have it installed simply click on « Home » or key « Windows » in your physical keyboard and type « OneDrive «.
  • opens a window where you will have to enter your login details. When you finish writing your username and password just click on « Sign in «.
  • If you want to OneDrive is always kept updated all you have to do is go to «Microsoft Store» you can do it from the menu « Home » writing the name of the shop » Microsoft Store «.
  • Now you have to go to the top and press the icon of the three horizontal and then points « Settings «.
  • then have to find the « Application Updates » and activate the option « Automatically update apps
  • In this simple way you can keep all updates to OneDrive day without having to do anything.

 one drive Windows 10

Download the latest version of OneDrive

It is important to keep the applications you have installed on Windows updated. This is not only for reasons of functionality and that often new features are added. But also for safety reasons .

For OneDrive usually keep private documents , so that security is one of the most important things to consider. One that is not updated to its latest version application may become vulnerable and this endangers your personal information.

So the best option is to let Windows OneDrive be responsible for keeping updated automatically. This being all you need to know to upgrade to latest version OneDrive Windows 10.

If you want to learn more about storage in the cloud Microsoft can see our tutorials on free up space on OneDrive , better leveraging your account.

We also talked repeatedly about disable or uninstall OneDrive for Windows 10 if that, for example, prefer to use Google Drive storage service in the cloud of the Internet giant.

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