Activating The Spelling And Grammar Checker In Openoffice Writer

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OpenOffice Writer is a flat – word processing format , and belongs to all applications of OpenOffice . It has several versions that enhance the functionality and appearance, and can be downloaded from its website.

In turn lets you save your documents with a password, insert images, objects, organization it supports digital signatures, table calculation, symbols, forms, labels, forms, and others.

It should also be noted that Writer is configurable so you can change the text size and look like a Web site because it is a powerful HTML editor. Similarly, mode can make labels and business cards.

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Now! Among all the features offered by OpenOffice Writer, we find very useful as it is the spelling checker and grammar. But you know How do I enable this feature? If your answer is no, then this article is for you, because we will explain step by step how to enable this option.

Learn how to turn the word processor OpenOffice Writer

Having Initially this processor installed, I must turn to offer a full and proper functionality. So, let’s explain the steps to get a good word processor activation .

You can go to the standard toolbar and click Auto Review to activate.

Or if you prefer, you can enter the «Tools» and look where it says ‘Options’, it will show several alternatives which you must select» language settings». Then you can see the «help» and this section you must enable the «Check Spelling to write».

In addition, if you want to correct the errors that you need to do is click on the screen shows the patch without you select. Thus, the context of treatment options displays a spelling correction were detected for error.

Select the right option automatically replace the word corrector is also important to note that if the text is not wrong can click on the option to ignore. Thus the underline immediately disappears leaving the original text you entered.

In turn, if the wrong word appears several times in the same document can click and   select the «ignore all» . Thus, highlighting disappears all those words in the document.

Functionality OpenOffice Writer

You can click on the «include» the word in a document if it is spelled correctly., You will also see a drop-down menu in which various dictionaries of active users, and you can choose where you want to add the word are included. Dictionary also the default user is standard.dic.

However, OpenOffice Writer spelling checker will not correct words in all caps or contain numbers. If you want to change this, you can direct Tools select the location where it says ‘Options’ and » language settings» and «editorial assistance.»

And in the list of «User Dictionary» you must select «Standard (all)» and click «edit».

In addition, you should consider to be careful with the dictionary, because it corrects spelling words are correct. So you can spell words wrong but are orthographically, the correction is not selected as an error.

Note that the Checker Writer is a modern word processor, which is fully equipped to give you all the tools to its users. And this way, your documents will always find orthographically correctly.

Also, you might consider create books, index diagrams transparent images and you can do what you want Writer ensures that your message has a good appearance. Moreover, this correction can read your Microsoft Word documents, or save your work in this format.

You can deduce that Open Office Writer is a program with a series of tools and helpful and useful options, and its interface is easy to use.

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