How To Install And Run Windows Applications On Linux With Wine .Exe

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In the computer can find a variety of free operating systems, you can use on your computer where you can perform various activities.

Among these can get the software operating system free to use, can run programs for different purposes, total freedom, so everyone can use it as you want.

Linux has Unix in the 70 developed by Andy Tanenbaum, but it was not specifically until 1991 when Linus Torvalds this project which flourished as an operating system free GNU.

where the user source code is free to copy , develop, edit, share, study software in an organization, company, institution or person, which is the freedom of expression.

Since Linux has been developed in different versions to go every day to improve to be a favorite part of Windows.

differences between Windows with Linux on the same computer . you can see the compatibility and harmony in all hardware models because it is multi-platform, multi-user and multi-tasking, allowing you to use various programs such as text editors, games, the Web browser access, enter others.

Among its various distributions are: Arch Linux, Canaima, CentOS, Chakra project, Debian,   Dragora and Trisquel,   Elementary   Fedora, Fuduntu, Gentoo, Huayra, Knoppix,   Kubuntu Linux Mint, Mageia, Mandriva, openSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Puppy Linux, Fedora, Slackware, Slax, Ubuntu, Zorin OS.

There are other distributions that specific purpose of meeting: 64 Studio ABC GNU/Linux Kali Linux, among others. These distributions give you the option of installing a primary operating system, or as virtual simulator software on your computer is the same office or desktop, laptop, mobile phone, etc.

What is wine?

Vin is a tool, application or free platform allows you to run or install different performance or features of Windows on Linux,   functioning as a link between the two.

If you use a Windows executable application with this tool, it might fly into the system. Wine allows to download a program or a Windows application on Linux without problem. The wine is well known for the vast majority of those using Linux to use download or run an application or games for Windows-bit numbers. To use this program only must correctly install and configure Wine.

How to install and run this tool   Wine


It is easy and simple will show you how to download and join new experience of wine when using your computer with Linux.

Step 1

Enter the official website and download the version of wine you want on your team, it is currently the most modern wine option 4. 0 and 5.0.1. If Umbutu version must enter the following commands: sudo dpkg –add i386, -NC wget, winehq sudo apt-key add. key.

Then type: sudo update sudo apt apt install –install-recommends winehq steady for the terminal to install Wine in Umbutu. But if you want to download the version is Fedora must enter the following: yum -y install wine. You choose the Linux distribution you want to download.

Step 2

Select the application you want to href = “”> Open With Wine and begins to enjoy. However, if the application noting blurred look can reconfigure the wine configuration entry.

After a while if you want to uninstall the application or applications you have downloaded puts applications and press the Uninstall. Believe it or not, wine not only allows you to copy simple applications, including can enjoy various games for your team.

You can also find news Updates tool as 4.0 and 5.0.1, which contains about more than 6,000 improvements, allowing you to your settings optimally games and concrete at the time of Windows run on Linux through it. So download and install this tool and make the most of it and therefore can not enjoy the best wine.

If you want to learn what are the best tools and applications for use on Linux you can enter this product is safe for your interest.

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