What Is Cyberbullying Or Cyber Bullying And How Can We Prevent It?

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Cyberspace is as beautiful as the kitchen of a large mansion, where many knives with which delicious dishes are prepared but in the wrong hands can do much harm can even be fatal if you think we exaggerate; then you must read the rest of this post to know the meaning of C iberacoso or cyberbullying and how to   Prevent;   it’s a new plague of today’s society. tdftips.com because we focus on the solution and not the problem.

What it is   or cyber Cyberharassment

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To understand these new terms, Review of Let the former prime “bullying” whose translation to Spanish means “harassment”. We certainly experienced some harassment; perhaps even unknowingly participate than ever. victim, offender or as a spectator harassment commit to someone else

But with the birth of new technologies have also evolved psychological harassment through the Internet known as cyberstalking or cyberbullying .   Its main features are that Harassment is from a virtual space and does not face to face, as in traditional bullying. For example.

Now, technology has given a whole new aggressors platform ( called cyberbullying ) for further intimidate their victims; and creating fake profiles on social networks . As so little also led to people who had never been aggressors ( Viewers ) dare offend someone because they find it easier to get behind a keyboard.

Some cyberbullying methods may include:

  • Publications, abusive or offensive images or video or if they are real or photomontages
  • .

  • Insults and threats on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc.