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Learn to rename my account Outlook profile can be helpful if you want to add profiles different from your account


How to rename Outlook Profile my Account -Hotmail

The information in the profile Microsoft Outlook is the application uses to recall the custom settings that you see fit

Also your Outlook account can store the information in your mail messages as , however the release of space is always important.

Initially, your Outlook profile photo you may have pragmatic name that can represent your account, as the first initial of your first name followed by your last name.

However, if you create multiple accounts most useful change profiles with a name that points to its uses.

As for example, “ Email Office ” or “ Email from Home “. Then show you how to rename my account Outlook profile.

Rename your account profile in Outlook

The account that you own in Microsoft has its own database, where you can store a lot of information , such as your name.

You can rename profile my account Outlook directly from a window on the web Hotmail Outlook, for that you must start Sign in to your account.

You can change the settings of your Microsoft account from Hotmail via the inbox or in any other window, do the following:

Login Outlook

  • Click on your username (top right).
  • Now choose Account Settings. Will open a new window, so make sure it is not blocked by your popup blocker.
  • On page account Microsoft, select the link “ Pay billing ” at the top and then add your password

If you have added two-factor authentication to your account, you will have to check a code sent to your email .

You can also receive it in the phone number or even some that have added secondary address.

  • Allow send the message, for that you must click ‘ Send code “and confirm.
  • Now click the subvínculo called “ billing information “.
  • To finish selecting the link “ Edit Profile “.
  • Upgrade your surname and/or name, and click the “ Save ” button located at the bottom.

Rename a profile on Windows 10

Another way to rename my account Outlook profile is through the configuration that has the Windows 10 operating system.

The Outlook profiles have details that are used to connect to the mailbox.

At the time when you create a profile, n or you can directly modify your name .

But you can rename a profile effectively using alternative options that owns the page.

 name zul outlook

You can make a duplicate of the Outlook profile there, put a new name and then delete the previous record.

It keeps the original configuration profile settings and only the profile name is changed.

  • Open the screen “ Windows Start “, select the search box and then type “ Mail “.
  • Select the option “ Settings ” and then selects “ Mail “.
  • A window will appear mail configuration in which you select “ Show Profiles “.
  • Now a list of the profiles that exist in Outlook appears. You must choose the profile you want to rename and select “ Copy “.
  • You’re going to put the new name of the profile in the field called “ Name of the new profile “, then click on “ OK “.
  • You must select the old profile that is in the list. Selected “ Delete “, the profile will be changed effectively, and and can use the new profile .

I hope you have been helpful and that this article order Logres rename your Outlook account profile.

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