How To Close The Open Sessions Of The Outlook Hotmail Account On All Devices?

 close open sessions of the Outlook Hotmail account in all devices

When you lose a device you trust and want to close the open sessions of the Outlook account or want to log at all, then you are in the indicated place.

Perform authentication on devices to access the account with your username and password is required in all browsers at least once.

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Closing Sessions Open the Outlook/Hotmail Account all devices

This process is not being done in applications that use the same passwords Outlook via POP to log in.

Plus it’s easy to choose the “ Devices trusted ” for Outlook and log in with the mail with ease, including when to conduct the verification.

Without much ado, then’ll teach you how to easily close the open sessions of the Outlook account on all devices. No matter if you use a device with a Android operating system or some edición of iOS operating system.

Close Outlook sessions associated devices

Before you start closing the open sessions Outlook account from the list of trusted devices you use Outlook .

And before the associated devices require two-step authentication on all browsers at least once, do the following:

 email sessions

  • To start you open your favorite browser on the web site Outlook. For example, Google Chrome, one of the best browsers 2020.
  • Now you go to the navigation bar and must select your name.
  • Choose the option that has the name “ My Account “.
  • the account properties and appears inbox.
  • In the window start Outlook website

  • Now select the option “ Security “.
  • Go to the options account in Outlook Web site.
  • You must select “ more security options “.
  • Then in “Basic Security Settings” in the Outlook window.
  • In the section called “Trusted devices” have to choose the option to “Delete all trusted devices” that are Partner to your account
  • Now go to the “Display additional security settings” on the website of Outlook.
  • Select “Delete all trusted devices” to continue with the removal device.
  • Now you will confirm the deletion of a trusted device to Outlook.
  • After doing all this procedure, the devices will no longer have Access to Outlook.

Another possible solution

If you wonder why why another possible solution, it is because for sure we know it works, we know not the time to become effective. The method we are going to point out is simple , make the password change account Outlook .. a performing changing the password also will you allow to close open sessions Outlook account

 settings outlook

Since a certain time, the Enter in the application, will again ask you to add the password on the device. To do this you must do the following:

  • Enter the website Outlook using your preferred browser.
  • Now you will click “ Sign in ” and put your username and password.
  • Then go to select your name (usually the initials) and then you select the option “ Profile “.
  • In the next window, at the top right is the option “ Change password “, the select you.
  • Now you will choose how to confirm the identity verification, either by text message or alternate email account that you chose to create the account.
  • The next thing you do is confirm the verification later to make the password change.
  • You must place the password a few times and then clicking “ Confirm “.

In this way be made the Change password, so if you’ve lost a device, can not enter your email .

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