How I Can Create A New Email Account In Outlook -Hotmail?

 create a new email account in Outlook -Hotmail

If you’re looking to create a email with good features, then you can create a new email account in Outlook.

Outlook is a free email service that has a lot of helpful features . At the same create an email account in Gmail it is simple with Outlook as well.

How can I Create a New Email Account in Outlook -Hotmail

Since change the font size or font in Outlook messages to agregar a watermark at the bottom of an email from Outlook. This platform is surprising and the truth is very versatile.

If you are familiar with e electronic You can create a new email account in Outlook. Through this section, we will tell about the advantages of using mail services Outlook .

In addition, I’ll teach you to make the record so you can create a new account email in Outlook, with simple instructions.

Create new account in Outlook

If you do not have an account Outlook only going to take a few minutes to create a new account email in Outlook. When you do register an account, you have the option access to contacts, mail and many more options from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Make the following process to open a new email account in Outlook:

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 Outlook account

  • Open a web browser, go to the registration screen and select Outlook “ Create free account “.
  • Enter a user name, the part of the email address preceding @ .
  • Select the drop-down option found on the right side near to the “User Name” to modify the domain of Outlook if you want one Hotmail address. Now click on “Next”.
  • Place the password twice in the fields provided, and then “ Next “.
  • Enter your full name in the fields provided and select “Next”.
  • Name in the Create account for the email address of
  • Choose your country/region, enter your birth date and click “Next”.
  • Enter the displayed characters CAPTCHA .
  • Outlook set up your account and display a welcome screen.
  • Now you can open your new Outlook account on the website, you can also configure to enter various programs such as email, etc.

Advantages of the free email Outlook

Speaking of the email service, Outlook has many. Here you will name some of the useful features you can find in it:


It gives users enough storage capacity for users, where you can store a lot of information. People with the Premium version of Office 365 Premium, have the advantage of Extra storage for use in email accounts.

 name outlook

automatic payment reminders bills

Outlook will scan your email to identify all invoices that are sent by this means. So that, you have the possibility to enter the calendar to receive a notification by the the mail a couple of days before expiration.. If you receive notifications of invoices by email, could surely be very utility

is completely free

If you have a limited budget, Outlook is an email account with very good characteristics of first category . To the extent that increase the needs, possess the option to switch to Office 365. if you’re just starting out, this could be a very good option suitable for your email needs


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it has a great dark mode

Smartphone screens or computers that have great lighting can cause eyestrain . When you use the option to obscurely the background brightness can be attenuated, which will allow your eyes do not suffer from the brightness. mode dark is easy to turn on and off by switching switch settings Outlook.

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