How To Delete All Emails From My Account Outlook -Hotmail

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A clean home is synonymous with tranquility, peace and harmony. So every housewife tries to keep those conditions to feel good and make you feel good to those who live with her. Email we use in our Outlook or Hotmail account could resemble that house we want to keep clean. Thinking about it, we’ll show you how to delete all emails from your Outlook account. -Hotmail

All email users have at their disposal a tool simple, which helps them get rid or delete messages received so you can reorganize, but how can you do this? Read this post and we will explain how to do it.

How to Delete All Email messages my Account Outlook -Hotmail

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How do I delete all messages in your mailbox Outlook or Hotmail ?

Before delete all messages , you should know that the log in your Outlook e-mail or Hotmail, you will find that the messages are distributed into several sections.

The main part of the messages are located in the Inbox , there e «priority» and also section appear «Other». In addition, visualize on the screen the « Sent » corresponding to the messages that have come from your email.

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In the « Spam » are those you unsolicited messages and emails regularly trash gimmicky, and often arrive in large quantities; It is worth to say that there is also a mode href=»»> are distributed messages that come to our Outlook-Hotmail account. Usually, you can delete these messages. But in order to eliminate them, we must go going section by section.

What are the steps to delete all messages in email ?

First, you go to your personal email account that you created in Outlook or Hotmail; place your user data and password to begin the session. Automatically, entering the location can view all messages as you we have described above. Well, to delete all messages must stand in each respective section.

For example, in the inbox priority mail, right side, has a symbol that the posarte about it says «Select all messages» .

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The oppressing allows all the messages you have in this section, shall be automatically selected to take any action. As we want is to delete messages or delete them, then we click on « Clear priority » but we must confirm this action.

permanently delete all messages

It displays a box that asks «Are you sure you want to move all conversations Priority to Deleted Items?» Oppressed «Delete All» and presto! You have managed to delete all messages. As mails are automatically saved in another folder, you must empty it to permanently delete messages .

The same action should run for all messages found in the sections « Other «, «Sent Items» folder «Mail not desired «.

How to make the process faster

If you want to make the process much faster, can posarte on each section located on the left side of the box, there das right click. a number of options where you find « Empty Folder «, press and confirm the action to remove all emails in that folder are displayed. Before you make a backup or backup if you want to Outlook.

If you remember not having an email importantly, could delete messages one by one or more together, to make sure you do not got rid of him. If that happens, do not worry, you can retrieve that email as long as you do not have eliminated the recoverable items.

Once you have all your mail clean, you can keep it that way, making Outlook alert you when email arrives; so if you decide to remove not interested. If you have been useful this information, and have already learned how to delete all emails from your Outlook account -Hotmail, we would welcome you to leave us your comment


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