How To Delete Or Cancel Sending An Email In Outlook -Hotmail

Everyone at some point has passed us by trouble or cluelessness send an email to someone who should not know or have no interest in it, but if that email sent to Outlook you can remove no longer have that problem.

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How to Delete or Cancel sending an e-mail at Outlook -Hotmail

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Outlook is the facilitator of email from Microsoft and is commonly used today, Outlook has an option quite simple to retrieve those emails that escaped to where they should not.

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Outlook is an instant messaging service that has multiple options that make your life easier not only in the area of ​​messaging, but you can also synchronize mail with your calendar of events for that way you can send notifications and reminders.

How to delete an email in Outlook?

The first thing to know is that this email only be recovered if they have not opened and if both; both you and the recipient have an account Microsoft Exchange or Office 365.

For this first thing you should do is find the email in your inbox sent; To do this, access your email as usual and look for your Sentbox by clicking « Mail » on the left side of the screen.

Once deployed the navigation pane click « Sent » now locate the email you want to recover.

Double-click on the mail to retrieve or delete, search of the right side of the « Message » and then on « Other Actions «.

Now click « Recover Message » that will take you to another window, where you must select the « Delete unread copies of this message «.

For safety check the box « Let me know if it worked or failed recovery for each recipient «, so you know who was and who is not email.

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Now you may need to send a new message to correct the error of the previous or simply Forget the incident.

Some recommendations

If we consider that, through, our email sent countless files to all our contacts; it is imperative to recommend that always revise whom we are sending our information.

It is also important to always take into account that only those with specific types of mail can delete the wrong messages , so we must be careful with these.

It should be taken into account quite specific characteristic that only can delete that email sent in Outlook that has not been read therefore ideally this procedure is done at the same time the error is determined.

Just as you can send e can also eliminate repeated contacts have or old email from a friend.

If at some point you want to do is forward a mail, we recommend that you remove the previously duplicate emails or clean your tray and so can also avoid sending an email by mistake. These emails you want to also delete you can do with a setting that lets you delete them later a period of time.


Outlook is a tool used today enough, there is a clear determination not to allow any mail wrong is counterproductive; because this can cause several drawbacks.

If we consider that there is no policy that anyone should return information that is sent by accident. This always meant a great risk to safety.

No one is able to determine if a mail was sent directly to your mailbox must be opened or not; this will always mean a problem for the person to whom escape email.

You need to always take into consideration the possibility of communicating with the person who sent you the mail; and request that please do not check or download the information it contains.

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Often it will be necessary to do this if you do not want that information falling into unknown hands or malicious.

While we are in this digitalized world there will always be a new possibility of making a mistake that could turn into something bad; Therefore, it is important that we manage our emails with caution and wariness .

This will help us greatly to protecting our information and our associates; Always remember that if we protect each other, it is always easier to live on the Internet.

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