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Today emails are as important as any instant messaging application. Therefore it is essential to know how to send email attachments from my Outlook which would be the old Hotmail .

How to Send Attachments from my mail Outlook -Hotmail

Whether you want to register on a website, forum or social network is essential to have a email to do so, Here the importance of have an email in Outlook . Leaving aside this, in the workplace they are still used to treat quite different issues.

One of the great advantages that the e-mail it is that you can send messages quite large, with lots of information and especially with attachments, ie you can add images to the body of an email you decide to send Outlook .. you can attach any kind of file in an e-mail.

Unlike instant messaging applications or social networks. When attached a file in an email you do not have many limitations or the file type that these attaching nor in size.

Especially since you can use OneDrive in the case of Outlook or Google Drive in the case of Gmail. send large files They can no lost through quality.

Since this is so useful, you need to know how to send attachments from my Outlook email. Because also send attachments from Hotmail is extremely easy and in seconds you can send files from your computer or your OneDrive account.

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How my email attachments from Outlook

The first thing you have to do enter Outlook and send a new email. Then you will have to attach a file in the message options. Press “Insert” . When you do give you the option to choose between three possible locations:

Recent Items: can Display the last files you worked. In this case these files can be located either on your computer, and OneDrive, online documents, etc.

Browse websites: files that are in locations like OneDrive, SharePoint or anyone in the document library of the group Browse this team. You can choose any file that is in your computer .

If you select a document or file that is on your computer after capia of the same is sent. But if you decide to send a file to OneDrive or SharePoint is provided find that file sharing permissions, but not to modify it.

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Inserting images from my Hotmail

If you decide to send a link OneDrive will be added as “ Attachment ” to modify just go permissions to have to click on the file and you will see a drop-down menu. Then simply must go to “ Change permissions ” and you will have two options:

Recipients can Edit : means that can modify your document as they wish. Unless you send someone with whom you are working or great confidence we recommend the second option.

Recipients can see: just can view the file, but not edit . This is great for when you want to share any type of file, but no one can change anything about it.

If you Outlook detects that recipients may not display the file you want to send (this can happen if stored in a SharePoint site where only you have access) then a message warning below the file. To fix this you just have Attach as a copy to change attachments.

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As you can see this tutorial is quite simple and fast. In less than five minutes you know everything you need to send Attachments from an email from Outlook . Among all the same post attachments from any kind of email so you should not have any kind of problem.

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