What Are The Best Tricks And Tips For Using Microsoft Outlook? -Quick Steps

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Do you want to optimize the tasks you perform with Outlook? Doing this will allow you to work more comfortable, better and save time. To get a better experience using Microsoft Outlook will not need anclarte a premium service or anything like that.

You only have to follow these tips to give under the theme: What are the best tricks and tips for using Microsoft Outlook? -Quick Steps


What are the best tricks and tips for using Microsoft Outlook?

With these tips you give then you shall love using Microsoft Outlook because you open your eyes to a way more simple and practical to use.

The best tips and tricks for order and cleanliness in Microsoft Outlook

The first trick that mention you, will help you save time and sort mail delivery. With the programming post from Microsoft Outlook, you can adjust the mail piece at a time that suits you, without worrying about do it yourself.

To enable this option, you must follow this path: Options & gt; Delaying delivery and then a window will open pop-up where you can set the specific time and date of delivery of the mail


Now, talking about the field of cleaning, Microsoft Outlook has a program Smart Cleaning great so you do not flood old emails and you can remove duplicate emails. You can set this option to Start & gt; Cleaning and from there you can delete specific folders, sub-folders and entire conversations


When you select one of these disposal options and the pop-up window you give appears in Settings , you have an advanced configuration parameters and adapting your condition.

When we have lot of emails in the inbox and not get one specific, we can arrange this disaster. To do this, we go to Vista & gt; Show as Conversations and enable the latter option for group messages and have a much more organized view


 headphones keypad mobile application over Outlook

Are you sick of spam? Do you receive emails from issues that do not concern and senders you do not want? This is solved blocking to these annoying users so they do not bother again. You do it in Home , placing the person icon with the symbol prohibited.

Das clicking there and then selecting the last option in the drop-down menu options for spam. Finally we click on Blocked Senders & gt; Add . This way you can block all spam that reaches your mail .

If you want to be Warning before the arrival of a message or email, you can set the alarm monitoring for Outlook alert you when new emails . For that, you put the cursor over the desired mail and right click and posarte on paragraph Follow and choose that you get the notification today, tomorrow, this week, next week or give Add Reminder to choose a time of your choice.

What are the best tricks and tips to facilitate everything in Microsoft Outlook?

If you want are tips and tricks that will facilitate things in Microsoft Outlook, consider what you say then.

On the one hand, you can make things easier and save time with shortcuts that you can use from your PC using your keyboard:

  • CTRL + D = delete the selected email
  • CTRL + R = answer a specific email
  • CTRL + U = create new email
  • CTRL + M = Menu respond and receive e
  • ALT + S = send e
  • ALT + W = go to the following email
  • ALT + R = respond to all e

You can also create shortcuts to options to save you time in finding them. For this, you must locate yourself on the main screen in the Quick Steps section, where you get options like sending the boss, reply and delete and stuff like that.

You can also create “Quick Steps” own your last option in the drop-down menu so that you customize shortcuts and options can be found in the main window much faster.

If you want to back up your Microsoft Outlook email , what you have to do is go to File & gt; Open and export & gt; Import or export. in this’ll be so export the emails to your computer as backup


 Microsoft Outlook icon

These are all fantastic tricks and tips we have to use Microsoft Outlook on what you do in the best way possible.

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